Monday, September 29, 2008

primeras veces

Hey there, I've missed you! I guess it's only been 2 days since I last posted but I have a lot to catch you up on so it feels like longer :). Hope you all had a great weekend! I've had a couple of new foods and experiences with a handful of old favorites so I know I've got nothing to complain about. Plus the boyfriend is finally able to skype again! Yes, I'm a very happy girl right now, and on that note, let's go...
After lunch on Friday I got to try my first durazno of the season. Not only are peaches one of my all-time favorite fruits but this one was perfectly ripe, and sweet, and such a delicious juicy mess of an afternoon dessert. I can't wait for more warm weather fruits!

That night I had salmon and salad that I really just through together last minute and decided wasn't photo-worthy. Haha, it was very good though and I know I'm totally getting spoiled having fresh wild fish at my disposal all the time. This lovely spread was Saturday's lunch.

To start we had Tortilla de Col Rizada with rice. This dish is interesting because I have always known tortillas in the Mexican sense, a thin, unleavened flat bread, made from finely ground corn or wheat flour. Here, however, in other South American countries, and in Spain, a tortilla is a thick, round, layered, oven-baked omelette. This one was packed with vitamin K, A, and C, in the form of yummy kale :).
As per usual, we ended the meal with ensaladas, this time with one of Cabbage & Radishes and another of Celery. Both were flavored with lemon and a pinch of salt. Oh and just to back track a bit because I'm not sure if I ever mentioned it, my "mom" always makes rice with shredded carrots and the occasional shredded green bean. I love never having to worry about getting enough veggies!

On the beautiful spring day that we were having on Saturday I met my friend, Genevieve, first to explore the Museo Chileno del Art PreColombino. It's an amazing art museum (I'm such a sucker for museums) that featured the works of the ancient civilizations of Latin America. I obviously loved it ;). Afterwards we sat in Plaza de Armas enjoying our cortados (strong coffee with steamed milk, and topped with foam), catching up, and people watching. It was the perfect time of day to do the latter too, there were artists and performers and lots of people looking for entertainment. I had such a nice time!
My host parents and I got back around the same time (they had been at the grocery store) and nothing was prepared for dinner yet. Neither my mom nor I was too hungry for dinner so since they had just bought fresh bread, an Once meal it was. This time they purchased Pan Colizas, which seems like the usual bread but along with being square-shaped rather than round it also had a slightly different flavor and thus, name. I'm a fan though! I don't think I've ever not liked the bread here, or anywhere else for that matter, unless it's low quality. I'd probably completely suck on a low-carb diet and be miserable ;).
We had the usual ham and/or cheese fillers. According to my mom this was the "best" ham but seeing as jamón is just not my thing, never has been and probably never will be, I went with the cheese as usual. By the way, although I didn't eat the ham, I've dropped the vegetarian label. I still firmly believe that living a lifestyle void of animal products is better for the environment, body, and the poor animals, of course, but I think I have to be a little selfish and not so rigid while integrating myself into an omni-society. Please don't hate me :(.
Among options of butter, marmalade, and palta, I obviously chose this one, haha, no contest. It's definitely the most filling spread of the three and, well to be quite frank, I just love it. Scrumptious mashed avocado with a little salt and pepper is so where it's at :P.
Oh man, then came the real fun! Genevieve, who I had been with earlier, called me to invite me out. Her two Chilean guy friends invited her and whoever she'd like to bring to Blondie. What an awesome time we had! First off, Blondie is a gay discoteca, so we were able to dance to our little heart's desires without having to worry about sketchy men with wandering hands. Secondly, the music was a great combination of songs you can sing along to so we were able to belt out lyrics while we moved. Thirdly I was at a good, happy drunk state, after a buzz but before that point that leads to a hung-over Danielle the next day. And finally :) we bumped into about 6 more friends, by chance, and had a fabulously long night with a big group of fun people. I quietly walked into my house at 5 am this morning and went straight to bed. I nearly burned 1200 calories last night, nightlife here is intense, haha :). Haha, wow. I love dancing but I could definitely not be a club-hopper every weekend... I woke up at noon and still exhausted! I was also really hungry so I had a small bowl of cereal, with flax, banana, and milk and a large glass of water. Three hours later, I was showered, my room was clean, and lunch was ready. I had one of the best Empanadas de Pino yet! Oh my goodness, I don't know what it was, maybe the fact that we haven't bought them in a while, but I enjoyed this sooo much! Eating for pleasure (and health) is the only way to be.
I then had some lettuce and tomatoes and was left sufficiently satisfied and happy as I mentioned before :D. Now that I'm done with yet another marathon post (lol, I'm sorry this always happens, I hope you guys don't mind!) and drinking a large Café con Leche, it's time to get some quality homework done. I was even thinking of running later... not because I have to, but because I want to... love it! Take care, hope you're having a relaxing Sunday, and I'll "see" you all again soon!

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