Monday, September 1, 2008

cajón de maipos

Good morning, blogland. I hope everyone is having a spectacular Labor Day weekend! Unfortunately, Chileans don't recognize American holidays ;) so while you're relaxing on this beautiful Monday morning, I'm beginning my busy week and as incredible as my trip was, I don't have the time now to tell you about! Until I can, enjoy my photo essay...

Friday's Lunch, Cheese Sandwich with spinach & tomatoes, zucchini



Friday's Dinner, Vegetable Tomato sauce over Pasta

Saturday's Breakfast, Scrambled Veggie Eggs & WW toast with butter

Horseback Riding

Snack, walnuts

My pony (left) taking a well-deserved break

Saturday's Lunch/Feast, Grilled Salmon with Pevre, Tomato & Onion salad, Lettuce salad and 2 glasses of delicious Chilean wine

Saturday's Dinner, Cream of Asparagus soup with homemade Croutons
Fiesta @ the Lodge
Sunday's Breakfast, Oatmeal Squares cereal, banana, and milk
What a weekend! If you made it through, congratulations :)

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