Thursday, September 11, 2008

mi aguata :(

According to the doctor, I currently have a viral gastrointestinal infection... all kinds of stomach pain, absolutely no appetite, nausea that comes and goes as it pleases, and temporary pounding headaches. Yes, it is as fun as it sounds, a total foodie's nightmare. Bleh.

Take breakfast, for instance, plain toast and cooked apples, the second of which I didn't eat because the sweetness was a turn off. Bread and water, it could not get more boring than this, and, lol, it makes me feel like I'm in jail or something. Ugh, my poor palate!
Last night's dinner was a bit more interesting, pasta with a little olive oil, sliced cucumbers (vegetables aren't the thing to eat now but I felt like them, my "mom" thinks I was craving the water content), and cooked apple. Quite the meal ;) it took me almost four hours to eat.
And I guess you would consider the last bowl of Sopa de Garbanzos as yesterday's lunch. I was surprisingly hungry for substance around 4 (after waking up from a nap) and soup sounded appetizing. Lucky me, it was good even though I couldn't finish it. I'll post the recipe next time!
I hate knowing that I'm missing food like this! Being sick sucks :(. I'm also worried about my recovery since next week the universities have vacation in honor of the diez y ocho de septiembre (their independence day) and I'm supposed to go up to La Serena. I'm definitely going to take it easy so I'm able to "get well soon." Wishing you all a fantastic end of your week followed by an equally as glorious weekend :) enjoy it for me!
I would also like to honor those men, women, and children who's lives were, and will forever be, affected by the events of September 11th, 2001. God bless.

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