Sunday, September 21, 2008

just checkin' in

The weekend is hardly over and I'm about to begin my final celebratory dieciocho day, it's been so fun, but I thought I'd check in to give an update on the eating front! Saturday's asado a la casa...


I just got back from the gym but everything was ready so I didn't have a chance to shower. Ew! Haha, I didn't drink the beer in the picture (it was my "dad's") but I did have a glass of Carmenere with my "mom."

It was a perfect pair with our steak. (Ah! The boyfriend will be pleased.)

Dried peaches in their own juice with mote that we bought from a fair.

Saturday's Once
I had one a half pieces of bread (still hot from the oven, mmm, the best) with cheese, crushed avocado, and marmalade... but not all together :). Hope everyone's having a wonderful weekend, be back tomorrow!

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