Monday, September 22, 2008

la primavera

HAPPY SPRING! or, excuse me, that would be autumn for all you northern hemisphere folk ;). I still can't get over the nice weather, I feel like I was jipped this past summer since I had to leave half-way through so I've got a whole new appreciation for sunshine and heat! Yay! Don't know if you noticed yet, but I'm in a much better mood than I was this morning, and a ton less stressed out too. I took a deep breath, made my token to-do list, checked off everything that had to be done today, and now am more than ready to accomplish the remainders tomorrow!
Lunch was a "vegetale verde" Fritatta and the usual rice mixed with carrots and green beans. I forgot to ask what vegetable was used, lol, so it's still a mystery but it was mighty tasty! I finished off my plate and still had room for some romaine lettuce salad. I had a hard slamming workout at the gym today so I needed to refuel and was more than happy to do so with such yummy food! View above photo with caution... ugly celery salad! On another topic, I had my Environmental Policy class after lunch and presented my research paper topic, organic farming in Chile. There's been a ton of discussion of the use of an unauthorized amount and/or type of pesticides in agriculture and the organic business is simultaneously developing a more significant role in mainstream grocery stores. I cannot wait to get started! Nerd alert :). The main dish was salmon patties (one more than pictured) and leftover lunch rice. I loved the fish but the rice, eh, boring. I had few bites and then loaded up on ensalada. I didn't think it were possible but ever since I bought that high quality, artisan, extra virgin olive oil (try that 5 times fast) I've been enjoying raw veggies that much more. And finally, here's the pretty tomato salad. I may seem superficial, but I can assure you that I filled up on both salads equally ;). Now the time has come for me to crash into my bed and drift far off into dreamland. Here's to a Happy temperate weather Tuesday for all! P.S. I apologize if this post was a bit too much for you, I get really funny (aka ridiculous) when I'm overtired...

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