Saturday, September 13, 2008

la mitad de la semana

Oh Wednesdays, they always feel forever long don't they? On the bright side, it turned out to be a good thing for me, I had just enough time to do everything I was hoping to. One of which, was finally making the hummus that I have been so excitingly talking about. And it turned out pretty damn good if I do say so myself :). I'll let you know the review as soon as the familia and I incorporate it into one of our meals to come. In the mean time, let's back track through the eats of the past, shall we?
I had all intentions of going to bed super early last night. They worked out really well. Not only was I only able to fall asleep around 11:30 but I ended up waking up to hunger at 1. I toasted half a piece of Chilean bread, spread it with marmalade, and melted a little bit of cheese on top. It's such a sweet and savory snack, it almost feels wrong!
About 6 hours later I was up, at 'em, and hungry again! I was feeling extra creative again with my oats (haha, hardly) so I came up with a new mezcla. We bought bananas so I mixed that in with the chunks of pear and then I had chopped walnuts in place of the peanut butter. This is a before I mix it shot so you can see the layers of yogurt, oatmeal, nuts, and flax. I was definitely a fan of the pear and banana combo but I'm not quite sure about the walnuts. I think I prefer a creamy nut butter as opposed to a crunchy nut. There's always tomorrow morning :). As usual lunch was left-overs from the night before's dinner... not that I ever mind! More Spinach Frittata, Mashed Pumpkin & Potato, and Salad. I wanted to give you a closeup of the tortilla/frittata so you could the sheer beautiful quantity of spinach baked in there, veggie heaven. After making hummus for tomorrow and pesto for tonight with the host-mom, who, by the way, certainly is as fabulous as she seems, I was off to the gym. I did an intense 45 minute cardio workout and then spent the last fifteen minutes walking up a steep incline while reading (or trying to read) a new magazine, it's in Spanish so I basically only got to comprehending one article, lol. When I got back around 5 I ate a banana to hold me over 'til dinner. Oh my gosh, dinner. The pesto was incredible. I've only ever made it with pine nuts but my "mom's" personal recipe calls for walnuts. More omega-3 packed nuts it was! The flavor was obviously a little different than what I'm used to, but like I said, incredible. And all the carby-goodness from the pasta was exactly what my body was craving.
But, of course, not meal is complete without a salad to end it off, especially not in this household. Following my glorious bowl of pasta I topped off my happy tummy with a lettuce salad and tomato & onion salad. Oh, and for accountability, I'm enjoying a hot cup of Peppermint tea for dessert. Quite the productive day in my book! Speaking of, I forgot to mention that I went to the grocery store today to pick up a couple of ingredients I was missing for the cookies I'm baking tomorrow. What's the occasion? you ask. Well, Julieta's first birthday, of course, that little one is getting so big ;). Enjoy your Thursday and stay tuned for pictures of the family fiesta! Take care!

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