Friday, September 26, 2008

choo choo...

My U.S. home is a few blocks from a train station so I'm used to hearing train whistles. Oh memories :) you're not what I'm referring to... I'm thinking about it a bit more figuratively. I've been feeling down lately, just little things adding up but sometimes I need an escape. That's what exercise has been for me, kind of. It's not that they go away, but that I'm able to find a sense of peace with them, "watch them go by" rather than try to keep up. Elizabeth Gilbert, author of one of my favorite books, Eat, Love, Pray, described her meditation in this way during an interview with Borders Book Club. She's really an incredible woman and I'm glad to have found a platform for my own trains of thought.
I especially needed today's run at the gym, it helped put me in a much better mood and was another great workout. I'm so glad I'm getting the hang of this! I had an apple as I walked home and then sat in the kitchen talking to my host-mom and -grandma while they finished up preparing lunch. On this dreary spring day soup was most definitely in order and this bowl of white bean, pasta, and pumpkin goodness and a salad definitely hit the spot! Another winner "Ita" :).
I woke up to a stuffy room this morning so I just opted for a simple bowl of cereal, flax, and banana but yesterday I had a banging (I don't even use that word but how else could I have described it? haha, oh god) oatmeal breakfast. A yummy mixture of creamy banana and apple with a side of nuts and a vitamin fueled me through one of my hardest Body Balance classes yet. She updated the routine and my muscles are completely feeling it. It's wonderful :). Oh and I also opted for a coffee on the side, I needed the extra caffeine as I still find myself having trouble going to sleep at night. Anyone have any tips or remedies?
This was the salad I had at yesterday's lunch alongside a left-over bowl of stew. Isn't it lovely? All I needed was some Vinagre Chileno (the best red wine vinegar variety I've ever had) and I was set! Okay so it's Friday, thank God it's Friday, and I have nothing to do. Since when does that happen? Haha, I think I might write a few friends e-mails and then see how mi amiga did at her first basketball game. The big highlight of my day has already passed, a phone call to my little brother... who is now 16 years old (which obviously means, oh my gosh, he's going to be driving when I get back, weird) ! ¡Feliz Cumpleaños Jorgito! He's the cutest, we message each other but don't often get a chance to talk on the phone since I usually speak to my parents while my siblings are at school... so this was a very special occasion :). He was so surprised and, aw, how I miss him so! If you have a brother or sister give them a hug for me, lol, I'm feeling sentimental. Alrighty then girlies, I will let you all get started on your weekends now. Hope it's a good one!

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