Sunday, September 14, 2008

moody's point

Word on the street is that somebody needs a big dose of optimism. (psst, it's me). I don't know why I'm letting it get to me, it's just stupid. I shouldn't feel as bad as I do, I know it's not my fault, but I wish I knew how to dissolve the situation. Friends are unfortunately limited abroad.
My only real meal of the day yesterday was lunch, Tortilla de Acelga, Ensalada de Apio, Ensalada de Repollo, Ensalada de Papas y Zanahoria a.k.a. swiss chard tortilla and salads of celery, cabbage, and potatoes & carrots. Otherwise I just snacked when hungry.
Breakfast this morning was a bit more exciting. I decided that I needed a yummy breakfast to start my day of right! I made a bowl of oats with skim milk, flax, an apple, and strawberries. First strawberries of the season is always exciting and they were berry, berry good ;).

As for lunch, we had Pasta Bolognese and Ensalada de Repollo. For some reason I was starving... and ate up especially fast. I guess that's a good sign? Ha, as you can see, I'm trying to look on the bright side of things :). Back to homework with "put a smile on, put a smile on, everybody come on, put a smile on," the mantra of the day. Hopefully it'll work and I come back with a better attitude tomorrow, Happy Sunday!

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