Saturday, September 27, 2008

high school musical

Anyone? No? Haha, yesterday my friend Kristen played in the University Olympics and I felt like I was swept back to the quintessential high school tournament. It was a beautiful day and everywhere I looked there was a different sports game going on. On my way to the courts, I passed by a field hockey team and got so incredibly nostalgic! My gosh, I haven't played in so long but, at that moment, what I would have done to put on a kilt and run out to the field with stick in hand. Those were some good years :). I must stop aging myself though, haha, I still have so much to look forward too! Don't know if my younger self could've handled a year living in 2 different countries ;).

Sopa de Verduras, today's lunch...

...and last night's dinner both times with a mixed salad of lettuce, cucumbers, beets, and onions.

The all-star, #14 :)

I love these action shots! I felt like a proud parent with my camera, lol.

Yesterday's lunch, Sopa de Lentejas y Ensalada de Apio y Lechuga.
Then, of course, there's my wonderful company. My "mom" and "Ita." Every meal takes such time to prepare and place that it makes the entire process of eating that much more enjoyable. I love sitting and savoring and conversing with these two. And, of course, I love that I'm even able to converse. I guess my Spanish has improved more than I realize! Alrighty then, now that I feel like I've sufficiently made myself feel vieja, I must leave for my final class of the week. If I'm lucky maybe it'll be followed by something young and fun like going out for a drink ;) I am only 20, after all. Chau, hope your week is wrapping up well!

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