Monday, November 2, 2009

vegan for a day

Throughout the blogosphere yesterday, omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans alike completely omitted every last trace of animal product from their daily lifestyle. I too, participated in becoming Vegan-4-a-Day. Why me? I wanted to see: if I could handle the pressure challenge, how I felt (physically and mentally), and whether or not I truly enjoyed it. 
Why vegan? Vegan Action says that... veganism, the natural extension of vegetarianism, is an integral component of a cruelty-free lifestyle. Living vegan provides numerous benefits to animals' lives, to the environment, and to our own health–through a healthy diet and lifestyleRead on to explore my own cruelty-free food diary:
I rolled out of bed at about 9:00 am on Thursday and pranced downstairs to make myself some breakfast. Into the bowl went a half cup of rolled oats, sliced strawberries and banana, and a few splashes of almond milk. I then popped it into the microwave, made myself  green tea, and brought the complete meal upstairs for my morning blog reading.
So far so good, right? Yes, except I have to admit, breakfast was not a challenge, at all. I basically have this bowl each and every morning anyway. I did, however, consciously photograph it on top of the Fitness magazines that I'm mailing to Marie. She wants to see my name in print too ;). And, I'm going to be doing a short-term internship there over my winter break! I'm so excited to work with their editorial staff again!
At eleven, I went to my Magazine Editing class where we discussed writing for the web :). Afterwards, my old roommate came by the house to have lunch with me. Grilled cheeses were on the menu, (eek, not vegan,) so I had the standard soup and salad instead.
I made sure to check that Carol used the vegan tomato soup recipe (yes!) and that my new Canadian-imported hummus didn't break any rules (nope!) and proceeded to eat in peace as I caught up on life with my sweet friend. Making the right choices wasn't stressful at all, it just took a little more thought and research
Speaking of, I knew that I wanted to have a beer last night so I used this site to find one that was vegan. My grand-little and I (sorority talk) went out to Dolce Vita for dinner and bonding :). I was, once again, very impressed with the internationally-inspired menu and bistro.
Alongside my Blue Moon, I had a small house salad to start my meal. The fresh greens, sunflower seeds, jicama, dried cranberries and a jewel vinaigrette (vegan, yes I checked) were yummy. Oh and before I forget, I was not starving before this meal because I'd had a Glo bar as an afternoon snack. Who says that veganism = deprivation?!
As my main course, I ordered the Vegan Lasagna (fresh grilled vegetables, tofu, and vegan "cheese" with tomato basil sauce.) I know I've said this before, but the only time I prefer anything but the real thing is when we're talking lasagna. The original just never did it for me like this one did.
So how'd it go?! I obviously did it, I think ate well, and I honestly felt great the entire time. Success! I know that some people struggled for different reasons but I was so fine that I'm actually considering "converting." I'm hesitant to say completely, because I would never want to avoid the foodie pleasures around the world that aren't necessarily vegan-friendly, and yet, I know that I'm passionate about my health and the world I live in. To veganize or not to veganize?

Only time will tell I suppose, thank you Katy and Michelle for the experience.

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