Sunday, November 1, 2009

smile, the universal language

Oh my gosh, I am so wired right now! I have been awake since 4:40 am this morning finishing up work for today. Yes it was a happy halloweekend ;). Anyway, since I have about a half an hour until I have to get ready for yoga, I thought I'd let you know how my weekend with my Mom ended...
On Sunday morning we awoke to the dull Syracuse weather. By contrast, we felt bright and sunny and well-rested. Rather than go out a movie the night before we simply bought one and watched in from the comfort of our B&B bed.
After taking showers and getting ready, we headed downstairs for the second part of the promise, breakfast. We joined the 10 other guests at the dining room table for coffee, fruit, juice, and muffins.
In true Sunday morning fashion, however, we were also served a plate. On it, two delectable slices of french toast with macadamia nuts and a pear and pineapple compote along with bacon of which I ever so politely passed on. Maybe the boy will have to try this for his next special breakfast?
We then drove back over to campus and walked around through the familiar and unfamiliar. I finally had the chance to go inside this store, for example.
A few hours later we headed over to Dolce Vita for lunch. Neither of us were hungry, per se, but my mom was boarding a train soon for the five hour ride home. Basically we had no other choice but to try the new "international bistro bar and kitchen" that I had read about in the paper :).
According to their website, "Every two weeks Dolce Vita presents a new menu of authentic dishes from around the world to compliment our world-infused daily menu, which takes simple American staples and infuses them with flavors from around the globe. " Yum.
To begin we ordered the sun-dried tomato hummus appetizer. My Mom and I were both blown away by how good it was. However, to be a multidimensional critic, I will warn that DV's Bloody Mary is anything but good. My mommy told me so.
As for our entrée plates, we ordered two large salads. Even my mom said that she didn't feel like she had eaten enough greens in the past weekend so she couldn't think of anything else that she was craving more. Ah, I have taught you well :).
For dessert we each had brownie square that the B&B owners so generously left in our bedroom. I love brownies, love 'em! Not sure if you're aware, but I'm neither a fan of cakes (except carrot) nor pies (other than apple) so these scrumptious baked goods are most often my dessert treat of choice. 
At that is that, within two hours my mom was on her way home and I was back at my Syracuse home. My last two weekends have been so wonderful that I doubt that these next few will be able to compare. Ha, speaking of: I will recap some of my trick or treat activities soon but for now, I leave you with these quotable magnets. They surrounded our table at DV. Happy Monday my sweets!

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