Tuesday, November 17, 2009

cheer up charlie

Thanks for your kind words yesterday. Whenever a friend of mine is feeling down, or in this case a handful of them, I always think back to Laura. Our four years as high-schoolers were wonderful, but just as life is not perfect, there were days when we were feeling anything but happy. This is when we used to, and I still do, channel Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
During the day last Saturday, I went to see Couples Retreat with my roomie and her formal date while the boy was at the library studying. It was more cute than funny, opposite of what we'd expected, but it is still making for great inside jokes ;).
By the time we got home, it was just about dinnertime so the boy gave the books a rest and accompanied me to PJ's Pub and Grill. I had a Sam Adam's seasonal (delish) and Grilled Cajun Salmon over a Ceasar salad.
Afterwards we went to Chuck's, an American sports bar and a favorite of ours. We had a few more drinks and hit up the basketball courts ;). The boy played his friend and the boy's girlfriend (me) played his friend's girlfriend. I won.
Then my roommate and her formal date, Joe, came and met us with a few other friends. I practically knew everyone there, Chuck's was nice and not crowded for a change.
One friend stole my camera for a little bit.
And continued to take candid shots
of Joe.
Haha, I told you that this weekend was amazing didn't I?
The next morning, (Sunday,) all four of us went to Bruegger's for a late breakfast before the boy and Joe drove home :'(. Since it was already about noon I got a lunch bagel, the garden veggie with hummus, and a huge extra large coffee. Having non-stop fun is rather exhausting! 
Cheer up, Charlie. Give me a smile. What happened to the smile I used to know? Don't you know your grin has always, been my sunshine; Let that sunshine show...

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