Sunday, November 8, 2009

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Hi girlies! Hope your weekend was wonderful :). Below you'll find a multimedia article for my NEW305 class. We're required to get more familiar with various communication mediums so my group of three went for a combo of traditional journalism and video. Feel free to let me know what you think, if anything just watch the clip. Otherwise, I'll see you tomorrow!

New Sickness, New to School

New place, new friends, new life, H1N1.

Freshman year has always been an exciting time of new experiences. Lately, however, that fun has been tainted with health anxiety and stress.

Within days of stepping onto Syracuse University’s campus, students were welcomed by flu shot advertisements, the Health Services’ Fighting the Flu updates, and academic contingency plans to skip class at the first inkling of the swine flu. 

The World Health Association links more than 6,000 deaths worldwide.

And if that sounds intimidating for 18-year-old American students, one can only imagine how international students feel.

H1N1 has certainly made it’s way across the United States—The Los Angeles Times reported that in the last week, ending November 6th, there have been 8,952 new cases at colleges and universities—and the number of people affected, or rather, infected by the outbreak continues to increase.

Christa Gray, an education doctoral student and graduate assistant in the Intergroup Dialogue program, has noticed that class attendance has been less than ideal. “I’ve heard that there are sometimes only 4 students in a class of 18. And that’s never conducive to a learning environment,” she said.

Yet from a student’s perspective, their varied concerns stretch beyond the classroom…

Please note: Throughout our interviews we came upon fascinating similarities and differences. Most interesting? Of the three American students we spoke to, they touted washing their hands and using Purell as their go-to stay health tactic, international students, on the other hand, mentioned making sure to eat right and stay active/exercise. Awesome.

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