Sunday, November 15, 2009

bloggies & gifties

Good morning everyone, I'd love to tell you all about formal today but I've got the boy sleeping in my bed and he's leaving right after lunch noon, so...
As I mentioned on Friday, last year I participated in a Secret Santa through the blogosphere, an exchange of heartwarming gifts among bloggers to spread the holiday cheer :). 
Would you be interested in participating this season? Heather and I are excited to make it happen.

If you haven't already done so, please email me your name and address at with "Bloggie Secret Santa" in the subject line. Due to special circumstances, I will be randomly assigning gift exchanges. I toyed with the idea of using a website to organize it all but in the end c'est moi who will have the information and control of it. Not to worry!

Just as a few guidelines and extra info: Many of the gifts will be homemade (I know we have our foodie tendencies), others may be a few sought after store items (if only we all had a TJ's in our reach), but it isn't the size of the gift, it was the thought that goes into them. Have fun with it! And on that note, remember that you are in charge of mailing out your item(s.) Unless you're feeling extra generous ;) make sure the packages aren't too heavy. Use your imagination and special creativity to send along your absolute best to a fellow blogger.

I'll be announcing the swaps in about two weeks on November 27thHasta la vista babies.

P.S. Would your blogging friends and/or readers like to join as well? Just link to this page and I'll be listing it on the side (*Secret Santa*) to reference to in the future as well. Happy holidays!

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