Monday, November 9, 2009

all aboard the random express

Happy Monday, my darlings! I meant to post this morning, oops, but better late than never :) here we go!
I took the Amtrak train up to Syracuse this morning, ran to class to learn how to edit video content, and am currently working on a magazine project. I'm pretending to be an editor at Men's Health.
Since I don't have time to waste, I thought I'd show you the photos that I so rebelliously took while driving home. Driving alone, I made sure to enjoy the changing colors of the sky and trees.
I like to live life on the edge. But in all seriousness, it didn't really take much effort. I just placed the camera in my car and let it do it's thing. The warmness of fall is truly beautiful.
Speaking of, I think mother nature heard my cold complains yesterday because it's really nice today. And I'm talking nice, just about 70 degrees, in mid-November. I'm pretty sure that's not okay.
By the way, I drove home yet took the train back because my car needs a fixin'. It works out really well too though since the boy needs to get up here next weekend for my sorority's formal. 
Anyway, how was your past weekend? Mine was wonderful: I got in sufficient R&R time with the boy, talked and hung out with my family, and got some amazing research sources for my article. What article you ask? Yet another one for NEW305.
This time, on the Chinese, Chinese-Americans, and other Asians/Asian-Americans. I have a feeling it's going to be quite fantastic. Many thanks to MOCA and it's exhibitions like this one.
On the food front, mm mm mmm to breakfast at home. I miss my stove-top steel-cuts and cinnamon sticks at school. Have a great night, see you tomorrow with a bit o' recaps!

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