Wednesday, November 4, 2009

infinity plus one

Ahoy there maties! I am absolutely uninspired today! I have so many things racing through my mind and yet I feel like I'm physically stagnant. Let's see if I can create some sort of perspective here: My second blog post at is going up tomorrow and I will continue to write for the site weekly. My debut on another (soon-to-be-announced) site is scheduled for November 10th. I just filed my diploma request and will be registering for classes, for my last semester, next week. What do I want to do with the rest of my life afterwards?
I went out for frozen yogurt last night as a treat for myself. Problem is, aside from the raspberries (yummy), I didn't really enjoy it. I think I may want to give up dairy. Kind of? I have to pitch a story idea in my cut-throat editing class tomorrow. After that, I have about a week and a half of resting, academically at least, but I can't get my mind to slow down enough to enjoy it. 
I haven't been to one yoga class all week. Registration for this six week term begins and I think I'm losing exercise-commitment steam. This happens too often. Maybe it's because the weather is getting cold again and I'm not ready? At Thanksgiving this year, I'm not sure if I'm even interested in eating turkey. I do not miss meat, and at this point it's actually quite unappetizing.
I'm going technically going home this weekend. It's not exactly home because I'll be staying with the boy. I haven't seen him since I've been sick. But I may very well have landed an amazing interview with someone from a museum that will work in a new article for my news class. My family "stuff" has still not been resolved. Maybe uninspired isn't the right word, how about crazy?

P.S. This is my last attempt to try a statement that is slightly less confusing.... Go Yankees! ;)

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