Tuesday, November 10, 2009

bars, boys & da bronx

Good morning my sweets. How is everyone doing on this beautiful (hopefully where you are too) Tuesday morning? Have I got some news for you!
When I got home yesterday to the sorority house, about five girls that I passed on the way in told me that I had a package.
I was thrilled, they had come, and so soon! I ordered Angela's Glo Bakery Empower bars about a week ago. Seeing as our great minds think alike, there was a quote card beneath the receipt and business card, "He who enjoys good health is rich, though he knows it not." An Italian proverb, beautiful.
After a delicious lunch, I packed my very first Glo Bar as my afternoon snack. Upon opening, I was overcome by the delectable dark chocolate and roasted coffee aromas. And at my first bite, I bliss set in, beyond amazing. Angela is a genius; she's got taste, energy, texture, and satiety in one pretty package. I'm glad I ordered so many :).
Oh I'm so happy with my purchases! But now, I bring you back to Friday. After my long photorrific drive I arrived in the Bronx and was greeted by the boy that I had missed so much.
Haha! Gwoss! This is an old picture but when he asked me why I hadn't posted it anywhere this past weekend I figured I'd give his cheesy pasta-filled smile a moment of glory.
But, just because it took place during a previous Italian dinner, doesn't mean we didn't take the opportunity to have yet another one at Mamma Maria's. I mean, come on, we're just blocks away from Arthur Avenue.
It was good, but nothing special. As an appetizer we split a grilled shrimp and garbanzo salad. It was yummy and my favorite part of the meal.
Then we were both served the mediocre yet well-dressed house salads that came with our entrées.
Then, I had the Cappellini Primavera in garlic and oil. The veggies were plentiful but the dish was just eh. I picked at it for a little before turning to my glass of Merlot for comfort. You lose some, you win some.
Still, the boy was very generous in treating me, and I was more than happy to be in his wonderful company. As for the rest of Saturday and Sunday you must wait and see :). I've got to run and get ready for class, full day ahead of me. Chau for now!

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