Tuesday, November 3, 2009

the perfect woman

One of my classes was cancelled this afternoon because my poor teacher (of whom I adore) has swine flu :(. The extra free time, however, was very much appreciated. My magazine editing professor, Harriet Brown, is heading the BODYTALK Project, and today I made my contribution. "BODYTALK gives people a chance to record commentaries about their relationships with their bodies, appearances, food, eating, and weight."
"...because the more we talk about these feelings, the more shame and stigma will fall away." We're receiving bonus points for participation, but I am very interested regardless. I believe this entire thing is fabulous; we will achieve progress is through dialogue. I'll also have you know that I spoke for about five minutes straight, we'll see if anything gets chosen for NPR :).
I have certainly come along way and thus had a lot to say. At this point though, I think I've reached the ultimate: a healthy body image and healthy food choices. Research has shown that women who accept their bodies the way they are seem to be more likely to adopt better eating habits. Furthermore, "Those who scored higher on measures of intuitive eating also showed higher levels of self-esteem, coping ability, optimism, and ability to deal with stressful situations."
I am so thankful. Gena recently wrote an incredible post about food just as food. Leslie, another favorite, responded with her own insight in not just one, but two posts regarding her food philosophy.  I agree with both of them. Also in the blogosphere, if you'd like to see a rare case of body diversity in the media, be my guest and walk on over to Blueberry Hil.
Across the country, and the world, our bodies come in all different shapes, different sizes and different colors. We must learn to appreciate our uniqueness, and in doing so, treat our bodies accordingly. In the end, though perfection does not exist, beauty is universal. 

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