Saturday, November 21, 2009

dulce coast pueblos

Three cheers for the weekend blogalitas! Can you believe that next week is already Thanksgiving (in the United States)? I know I can't. I'm thrilled to celebrate yet another American holiday that I missed last year. But before I get too ahead of myself, I'd like to introduce our eighth Plate from Around the World courtesy of the darling Toronto girl from out West.

Although I am admittedly a city girl through and through - my favourite places in the world are hidden jewels of nature. The kind of place where it feels like God took extra time when creating it, and somehow you're the only person who knows it exists!
I have found of two of those places in my life time - one is in Switzerland and the other is the beautiful paradise of Tulum, Mexico.
 Tulum is located about two hours south of Cancun on the Yucatan Peninsula. Having said that, it couldn't be more different! In fact Tulum isn't even on the grid. That's right - if you want to vacation there you'll have to do with either solar or wind powered energy. Which means little to no lights at night and definitely no blow dryer for your hair in the morning. Truth be told if that's the price of paradise - I'll take it!!!
 In Tulum I was blessed enough to discover sugary smooth sand, endless beaches practically devoid of tourists, friendly and accommodating locals, and THE most amazing marmalade I have ever eaten. lol Turns out my favourite dish in all of Tulum was a humble marmalade made of Mexican mangoes.
 Amidst the lobster, beautiful shrimp, fresh fish, and wonderful desserts I tasted nothing stood out like that mango spread. I asked the cook how it was made and she said it was basically mangoes cooked down with a little bit of sugar added. Simple enough but it tasted like heaven! I guess it just goes to show you - sometimes the best tasting food and the most beautiful sights can be found in the most unlikely of places.
 It's been months since I last saw the shores of Tulum and still I think back often to that amazing place. It truly is magical! Untouched by development and spectacularly beautiful. I will always be grateful to Tulum for sharing its secrets with me. And for that it will always remain one of my favourite places in the world. Le sigh. :o)
Wow, am I missing out! Since my father is Mexican, I've visited the beautiful country many a times, but never to the Yucatán Peninsula. Have you ever been to Mexico? If so, what part? If you'd like to participate in this Plates from Around the World series please email a description of your favorite place, and a foodie memory from there, along with a few photos of the place/food itself or those that were taken nearby ¡Adios!

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