Friday, July 27, 2012

the bubble lounge

With refined tastes and a modest income, my classiest experiences either happen by serendipitous chance or by well-thought-out deal planning. Last night's was courtesy of the latter. Elaine and I met at The Bubble Lounge for a Champagne Toast for Two: two flights of champagne (three pours) and one cheese plate to share. It was spectacular; not since I was actually in Champagne have I delighted in such high-quality bubbly, both cheeses were divine, and the impressive service was anything but Tribeca-pretentious. Gosh do I love Gilt City.
Enjoying refuge from the incredible summer storm, we took our time savor the ambiance and decided to order another small plate to simulate more of a complete dinner. Behold, out-of-this-world "sweet garlic stuffed duck meatballs served in a demi-glace sauce with fig purée and sriracha chili":
The evening continued, as they do whenever we're together, and we ventured to Jimmy, a sophisticated rooftop bar atop the James Hotel featuring overpriced cocktails and wealthy businessmen. We didn't last long. Escaping to Toad Hall next, we eventually enjoyed a nightcap beer and a literal game of telephone. 'Twas a great night.


  1. wow! the bubble lounge looks fantastic! i love champagne haha sadly it's my favorite thing to drink -- going to have to put that on my list of places to get asap!

  2. @Julie: Doesn't sound sad to me! It's delicious :) hope you're able to enjoy The Bubble Lounge soon!

  3. love love LOVE this post :)

  4. @elaine: It's easy to recount such a great night! :)


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