Wednesday, July 11, 2012

la cervecería

Thank you for sharing in my excitement via comments, tweets, and emails! I truly cannot wait but I'm also nervous, so it's nice to know I'm not in this adventure alone :). I recently heard from an enthusiastic Melissa who just happens to be in Peru... and wouldn't you know I just visited a Peruvian-influenced Latin American tapas bar? Apparently I've been concentrating on the East Village as of late.
La Cerverceria celebrates a host of lime-influenced, cilantro-specked dishes. Crafted from the freshest ingredients available including organic and locally harvested finds, the restaurant builds upon the complex, classic flavors of Latin American, including marinated meats, seafood spice and hot habaneros dressed in flavorful sauces, to subtle cerviches traditionally found south of the equator.
With spice that has top toques raving, it goes down well with La Cerveceria’s standout list of New World suds. Our downtown NYC location, designed with natural woods, a marble bar, and a bright open kitchen, provides the ideal setting for this new concept. Like the cuisine itself, La Cerveceria dining experience is updated, clean and high energy... with an incredible beer menu.
It literally took me 20 minutes to order a drink because of the endless number of American craft ales. In the end, my friend Steph and I both decided on Fire Island Beer Company's Lighthouse Ale. I loved it. It was light yet flavorful and, in the words of the company itself, "the kind of beer you'd like to have a beer with."
We may have had more than one each. For health reasons, obviously.
We didn't, however, choose to drink multiple beers on an empty stomach. That would not have been smart. Instead, we first split the lobster guacamole, a delectable appetizer of fresh avocado, lobster, shrimp, and plantain chips.
Then, we shared skirt steak skewers with guasacaca venezolana (an amazing Venezuelan sauce of avocado, fresh parsley, coriander, green bell pepper, onion, garlic, salt, oil and vinegar traditionally served with grilled meats).
We also enjoyed thought-provocation. Please, read the back beer label above. Pretty wise of Fire Island Beer Company, don't you think? We certainly did. Another plus to a pleasant happy hour. ScoutMob, you've impressed again.

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