Saturday, July 14, 2012

just don't fall in love

Those were the words of warning my mother gave me once I'd officially signed up to study abroad for a year. I think she wanted to make sure I'd come back.
To appease her, I did fall in love; I just cleverly did it with a boy I'd met the semester beforehand who spent 340 days in the United States while I was in Ecuador, Chile, and France. Since him, I've traveled quite a bit, and doing so as a single gal is a totally different experience. Dare I say a bit more fun? Still, as I mention in the article I linked to, I do believe there are pros and cons to taking part in my favorite activity (international exploring) at any relationship status.

It's different this time around though. I may technically be studying abroad again, but I'm also literally moving to Paris. I will be living there for at least a year which leaves more than enough time for something (or someone) significant to happen. It's also worth noting I very recently realized I'm ready to fall in love again; and that far too many people have told me I will do so there.

None of this is to say I'm expecting, or even hoping for anything... simply that I won't be opposed to not taking my mom's advice from August 31st on :).

Words by D.Alvarez, Photo by K. Ottomanelli


  1. my family told me the exact same thing before my travels. haha

  2. If so, that will be one seriously lucky guy. Hope you enjoy Paris!

  3. Let your heart take you where it should be led!

  4. @Molly: Ha, good to know I'm not alone! It's an interesting mindset to go into travel with :).

    @Mark: That's very sweet, Mark. Thank you!

    @Trying To Heal: So true, my dear, so true.

  5. I think I will do some travelling in Spain coming Oct, hope to see you in Europe ;)


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