Tuesday, July 24, 2012

lessons from long pond

It's almost funny that last year, when I first experienced Long Pond, I needed the weekend getaway. This time around was no different. As I alluded to earlier, there's some family stuff to deal with; in addition to expected pressure of the Parisian countdown--pressure to enjoy everyone and everything while also working incredibly hard to save as much money as possible. I needed to take a deep breath, preferably in nature, and just be in the company of great friends. I'm so grateful to have been able to do just that last weekend. This is what I learned:
Anna makes a mean egg salad.
Local, fresh-picked berries are the ultimate "working vacation" snack.
This UFO-ish thing is kohlrabi, a cruciferous vegetable like broccoli; eat it raw or cooked.
Beer o'clock is better with your feet in the water.
Fresh tuna is fantastic on something as simple as Triscuits.
Sassy Gay Friend is a bonding, after-dinner experience.
Sunsets are prettier over water (but I kinda already knew that).
A morning walk/run/hike is better with a filling breakfast beforehand.
The third book in the Hunger Game series is a great lying-in-the-sun read.
Dock picnics make lunch more fun. Avocado hummus is recommended.
Paddle boarding is almost as challenging as it looks, but it's easy to pick up.
Uncle Frank is hilarious; invite him(/her) on your next booze cruise.
That "weird pea thing" is an optional but delicious side dish to dinner al fresco.
When possible, "townie" ice cream is a must.
Brunch = a specially-prepared, late breakfast meal enjoyed amongst others.
It's no wonder Anna is such an amazing host, so is every other member of her wonderful family. Thank you all for such a perfect weekend!


  1. I know I've said this before, but it's so fun to see your home and life filtered through someone else's lens! And such a clear/kind one as yours. Thank you again for coming and loving LP!

  2. those are great lessons ;)
    looked like an amazing weekend

  3. Paris! It sounds like Long Pond was a great way to get some needed R&R.

  4. @Anna: I'm sure, and thank you :) I cannot thank you enough for having me (and us)!

    @purelymichelle: I'd like to think so! It was definitely an amazing weekend.

    @anneliesz: Yes, yes, yes! That it was.

  5. oh girly, this looks like such a dream. and i adore you more than i thought i did, because you used the term "beer o'clock". I'm dying.

  6. @Mackenzie Haha, I must give credit where credit is due - Anna's sister said it first! But I adore you more for loving it.


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