Friday, July 20, 2012

creating a community

By the time you're probably reading this, I'll be at "the pond." Our visit has turned into quite the girlfriend getaway this year with not only our host and Leslie in tow, but with Sofia and Shayne, too. I don't doubt we're having an amazing time.
I can't remember when I started reading Leslie's blog. What I do know, was when I met her at BeamGreen, I was already familiar enough with her writing to be excited to meet the lovely person behind it. It's through her that I met Sofia, then Megan, and later, Anna. (We each met Katie separately). After inviting Shayne to one of our dining dates, the guest list for this weekend was complete; a list of friends I'll take a girlfriend getaway with because I want to, not just because I can.
Adult-ish friendships are funny. We come into contact with all kinds of people each day--from the someone who hands us our morning coffee to the someone who holds the elevator as we return home--and it's amazing to think how we never know when a relationship is going to stick from one chance encounter. Moving to a new city without any existing contacts puts pressure on the fact though.
Based on my past experiences, I've decided to utilize the social network in Paris. I've been reading Prêt a Voyager and recently stumbled upon C'est Christine which led me to Lost in Cheeseland and more than a few Franco File Fridays.
My only hope is to meet at least one or two bloggers that'll be able to become the kind of friends who'll invite me to celebrate A's with cocktails (e.g. the garden snake: farmer's organic gin, cucumber juice, lemon soda, thai basil) at a place like Flatbush Farm or even to celebrate their birthday with copious amounts of wine, pizza, (and possibly a limoncello shot) at a place like Paulie Gee's.
And if I'm really lucky, they too will be friends I can completely relate to, who won't mind taking 5 minutes to swap slices with me and rest of the table so that each one of us can enjoy the most flavorful pie. My fingers are oh-so crossed.


  1. beautifully written, as always.

  2. Agree with Alyssa! You are such a great writer! also that pizza looks deeeeeeeeeelish! the cocktail sounds wonderful as well.

    sending you hugs and wishes for a happy weekend! :D

  3. <3 I love this. So glad the internet brought us together!

  4. @alyssa: That's so kind of you to say. Thank you!

    @glidingcalm Thanks, darling! Hope you had the same!

    @Megan (runner's kitchen): Not as glad as I am ;) we missed you this weekend!

  5. awww, i love this. i was thinking about this this weekend too - how is it that we all ended up meeting, becoming so close, and now going away for this beautiful weekend together. i'm so lucky to know you all!

  6. @leslie: Mind-boggling, in a good way. I'm so lucky to know you and everyone else, too! :)

  7. I love seeing how much you all loved LP!

  8. @Anna: And love it we did! I cannot thank you enough for having us.


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