Sunday, July 29, 2012

dining in

In a final attempt to save more money (since I leave for Reykjavík and then Paris in less than a month, eek!), I've decided to skip this summer's Restaurant Week. It saddens me a little because I love dining out and affordable gourmet meals... but mostly I just feel oh-so-proud of my financially responsible self. Plus, my friends and I have found a fabulous alternative: dining in. Revolutionary, I know.
[aperitif: cucumber-infused vodka, club soda, bitters, ginger syrup]
[appetizers: olives, pancetta bread, dinner ingredient-play as we prepped...]
[dinner: Stone Barns sourdough bread, arugula salad with fennel and apple, fresh pasta with roasted tomatoes, mozzarella, and shredded parmesan]
[dessert: cupcakes(clockwise from top) carrot cake, tiramisu, red velvet]
Following our delicious meal, complete with wine and the Olympics, we primped a bit and headed out to our favorite neighborhood bar. And wouldn't you know, the entire experience felt very "French" to me.  Four years ago, during my second visit, I went out three times with Marie and her friends. Each evening progressed the same: meet at an apartment, cook dinner together, leisurely enjoy the meal, venture to a bar for a final drink or two, bid adieu, go home, sleep soundly. According to her, this fun, economical ritual was how they usually socialized. Here's to hoping it rings true in my own experience as a student in Paris!


  1. so much delicious foooooooooooD! I love having quality time with friends- cooking, being silly, eating good food with high quality ingredients! it all feels so nurturing, you know?

    Also...can't believe you are off to another great adventure!! Well, I can, of course........DUH! that is so exciting! I'll look forward to reading all about it and following it on your blog, as always!

    p.s. mama GC went to Iceland a few years ago and it was her most favorite vaca of ALL time....I'm sure you will have an amazing time! I hope to go someday too!

  2. YOU GO GIRL. I definitely need to eat out less. It's making me pooooor.

  3. That pretty much sums up every night of my own French study abroad experience. Je suis très jalous, right now!

  4. i had a money saving weekend too! almost that time for rent :( womp womp. your meal-in looks delish!

  5. That is my favourite style of evening! And I'm digging your aperitif! I had Hendrick's gin with tonic and cucumbers last night - so good!

  6. good for you for saving your pennies! after all, Reykjavík is the most expensive city in the world! and you're going to want to pick up an Icelandic sweater while you're there, too. those aren't cheap but are so worth it.

  7. @glidingcalm: So, so nurturing. I'm so excited! Thank you!

    @Katelyn: Why thanks, girl :) though eating out is most definitely my favorite way to spend money! Ha.

    @Ginny: Oh, I can't wait! Be sure to visit if you get too nostalgic ;)

    @Shannon: Look at the both of us, being so responsible. :)

    @lookthroughmyspecs: Gosh, is it really?! I better save up big-time.

  8. sounds like an absolutely perfect night to me! i would love that kind of lifestyle (again- sigh! i miss studying abroad). :) europeans know what they're doing!

  9. @Jessica: That they do! Hope you can join me next time :)

  10. CUCUMBER INFUSED VODKA?! caps lock intended, that sounds divine. why can't you move to boston? ;)

  11. @Mackenzie: It was AMAZING. And how ironic that I actually did have to choose between Boston and Paris...


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