Tuesday, July 17, 2012

an even smaller world

Just yesterday, I posted this on the danielle abroad Facebook page:
I just made a Reykjavík coffee date with a girl from LA who met my cousin in Rome and who is graduating in Paris from my future grad program. How cool is that?! This small world of ours is kind of wonderful sometimes.
Meeting my first AUP connection and a globally-conscious gal like myself is just one of the countless things I'm looking forward to during my three day stay in Iceland though. I mean, I've been wanting to go for at least a year and have been in love with Icelandic yogurt for longer. So, I also plan to hike outside Hveragedi (as per recommendations from the photographer of the gorgeous photos below), dine at Saegreiffin, spend an evening at the Blue Lagoon, and get a taste of Icelandic nightlife with a few locals... preferably one that ends with a pylsur, otherwise known as Iceland's acclaimed hot dog. Yes, I will eat the second hot dog of my entire life in about six weeks. It's all about the cultural experience!

 And the pretty sights. I cannot wait to see all this with my own two eyes: 
"...nothing can equal the savor of that which has been seen, and truly seen."
-Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette
Thanks again for the photos, Natt.


  1. i love how small the world is :) when i was in nyc i went to a party and talked all night with this girl who had grown up with maya in maryland. and in maryland i had met and befriended one of maya's best friends on the metro. gotta love it. :)

  2. @Mackenzie: How fun! And that was in just a few weeks :) I'm sure, like me, you could create lists and lists of lovely coincidental encounters.

  3. in Denmark the hotdogs blew my mind. I hadn't had one in years, and I haven't had one since. those Icelandic ones look pretty similar and you're in for quite the treat.

  4. @lookthroughmyspecs: Seriously? I'm excited now! I was planning on eating one but I wasn't exactly looking forward to it :)


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