Monday, July 30, 2012

philly from a double-decker bus

One of the many things that makes my little sister adorable is that she thinks we both love to travel. We do, just in different ways. A few weeks ago, she wanted to spend a few hours introducing Rocio the historically-significant city of Philadelphia by... taking a bus tour. Though not really my thing, it was cool to get a different perspective of the city as opposed to those from my previous strolls.
(We de-boarded near Rittenhouse Square to lunch at Devon Seafood Grill.)
Yet for as completely unique as her and I are, we're also very much the same. I miss her so much now that she's in a small beach city near Alicante! She may only be in Spain for 26 days at this point, but I leave a mere 36 hours after she comes back to the United States; obviously I cried following our goodbye last week. Thank goodness for Skype.


  1. You were in my town! Your pictures are fabulous. I hoped you guys enjoyed yourselves :)

  2. I love all of the pictures! I haven't been on a bus tour since London...I honestly didn't really know they existed in Philly!

  3. @foreignpavement: I was! And what a pretty town you live in :) we had a great time. Thanks!

    @Ginny: Thank you! Me neither, until my sister told me we were going on one. I think it's getting to be a pretty popular tourist activity in most cities now.

  4. eeeep! this makes me so happy to see my little adopted second (er, third)home of sorts. and don't you love rittenhouse?!

  5. @Mackenzie: I do love Rittenhouse! Such a cute, little square.


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