Thursday, February 10, 2011

pride & flattery

I dislike bragging, but when excited about something, I also can't not share.
Last night I went to a comedy show. It was my first time, yet that's not why  "The Big Time Comedy Show" was significant; it was produced as a memorial to my late uncle, Greg Giraldoto raise money for his family of three little boys. I laughed a lot, cried briefly, and had the chance to meet all of the participating comedians (Tom Papa, Jerry Seinfeld, Colin Quinn, Lewis Black, Dave Attell, amongst others) who were as nice as they were hysterical. It was an exhausting and wonderful night. Then, as I was leaving, I heard "Are you Danielle Abroad?" I'd been recognized! I was so caught off guard and beyond flattered that I probably acted more shy than I should have. And with that said: Hi, blog reader friend! Please comment so I can get your name. I'm oh so sorry I didn't ask before. Thanks for making me feel so special. It was icing on the cake to a major ego-boosting week. Since joining The Well team, the number of "I'm so proud of you"s from family and friends has completely knocked me off my feet. I wonder if any of them realize how much their thoughtful words mean? Sure, it feels amazing to know that my hard work has paid off. Of course I'm more thoroughly confident in my skills than I ever have been. But most of all, I'm touched to be surrounded by such encouraging people who love me, who know I deserve this... perhaps even more than I do myself. 
I've never felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be more so than I do in this very moment. That, and blessed. Very, very blessed.

It is healthy to feel this good about yourself. Isn't it?


  1. Hi!
    My name is Pam i was the one that recognized you the other night! I was nervous to come up to you too :) silly me...but it was crazy i couldn't get over it!!

  2. Tryting To Heal: Thank you, dear!

    Pamela: HI! Thanks so much for commenting :), reading, and saying hello. What a coincidence! Hope you were able to meet some of the comedians afterwards.

  3. I am SO happy for you Danielle!!

  4. Karla: Thank you, Karla! You're too sweet.

  5. YOU ARE A CELEB!! I've been recognized twice in public as GC! Nuts!!

    And congrats on the Well Daily!! I'm checking it out now!! Looks like such a fun job!!!

    And your late uncle was Giraldo?! No way!!!!!!! That is really neat, and so great that you all had a memorial show for him. He was so talented. And I am so sorry for your loss.

    Excited for you, excited to know you, and your brightness and warmth is contagious! THANK YOU.


  6. glidingcalm: Haha, a celeb. You're too funny ;) Thank you times a million for everything! I'm thrilled to know you too :) so lucky we are. xo

  7. Oh So fun you got recognized! If that happened to me I would feel so famous :)

  8. aspoonfulofsmash: Thank you! Haha, it was a nice coincidence that Pamela was there and knew who I was. Certainly a mood-booster!

  9. Anyone that has a post on their blog with a "gratitude" tag is nothing short of excellent in my book. Just when I thought your blog couldn't get more amazing, it just did. You SHOULD feel good about yourself! ;)


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