Sunday, May 1, 2011

may firsts

Good morning, my sweets. It is officially moving day.
I've got my decorative items packed - including international souvenirs from my travels, old photographs, college motifs, and these adorable steals from Urban
I've loaded up the car with kitchen items - including an orange tea kettle, an array of spices, grocery staples, and these vintage plates I found at a local garage sale.
And I've made sure I'm stocked up on all my bathroom products - including natural beauty purchases from CVS and KMart, and two samples I received from work. Second from the left is the lymphatic phytopower sea cleanser & masque by Red Flower, and to the right of it, The Olive Shampoo by Olivella. I wouldn't be able to afford these otherwise, so I'm excited to test them for product research :).
All that remains is a Sunday morning pancake breakfast, and then we're off to the city to move me into my new apartment with Catherine and Dave.
Last week, the three of us met for lunch at Bee Desserts & Cafe to go over last minute living together details. And today, we become roommates. This will be the third time I'm sharing a home with friends, the second time I'm renting an apartment, and the first time I'm completely living on my own. Oh, darlings, it is such a big day. Yay. I'll be back as soon as I'm settled.  


  1. good luck deary! i love love love your plates by the way :)

  2. VeggieGirl & Little Bookworm: Thank you, loves!

    Mackenzie: Thanks so much. Aw, and for the dish compliments too :) I love 'em.

  3. So jealous of your vintage plates!

  4. BroccoliHut: Aw. Come visit and we can both eat off of them :).


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