Tuesday, June 29, 2010

meet the twangs

Hi, my dears! Sorry for the delay on this beautiful Travel Tuesday. There's been a lot of excitement today, big and small... but we'll save those explanations for another day :) and continue with the plans of this road trip of mine instead. Oh and on that note, what'd you think of Sunday's wander wonders?
Anyway, the fourth stop on the trip will be Montgomery, Alabama. The 4th largest city in the Southern region, Montgomery is often remembered as the birthplace of the Civil Rights movement. And it was. I'd like to see Dexter Avenue and the Civil Rights memorial, in addition to the marina and a possible music venue as there also was and (hopefully) still is quite the rock scene. P.S. All four of these city photos are from the NY Times, ironically enough ;).
Next I'm headed to the Big Easy and a city I've only dreamt about for years, New Orleans. In my two short days there, I intend to take in all of it: the food, the music, the architecture, and the beer. Somebody's got to have a few fantastic places to advise me to go, right? Bon. I swiftly yet steadfastly want to wander through the various neighborhoods, and see the city that is still able to be, "a place that embraces sorrow and joy with equal gusto," as Shaila Dewan wrote. 
After that, I'll be in the big and proud state of Texas visiting my AlphaChi little in San Antonio. I'd like to explore the folk art galleries, old missions, the River Walk, an authentic Mexican restaurant (yes!), historic mansions, and more. Plus, if I have time, I'd really like to venture to Austin for even more music and a few college bars and quirky boutiques. I'm sure to be busy with Rachel as my tour guide.
Then, a few days later, as I head on my way to visit K, I'll need to spend an overnight in Salina, Kansas. Forgive me for my ignorance, but this may be my most important question--does anyone have any idea as to what I should plan to do there? The only thing I've found so far is actually taking a stop somewhat south of the city in Lindsborg, so that I may view a town decorated by a distinct Swedish style. At the very least, seeing the open prairie will be a nice first.
This is certainly turning into quite the adventure! I cannot wait. As my title suggests, I find this area of the United States particularly enticing because of the common Southern/Midwestern accent. I like it, and I like it a lot. I actually had the pleasure of being in it's presence this past Saturday after the USA's pitiful loss against the talented Ghanians. I was at a family friend's house for a two-year-old birthday party complete with big balloons, cute little people, and lots of catered Whole Foods, um, food :). Delicious. 
What American accent could you listen to all day?


  1. So glad you made it to Alabama! Montgomery is a cool city.
    I love the sound of a refined Southern accents (ya know, like Blanche Devereaux). So mellifluous!

  2. Such a great adventure! Fuuuuuuun.

  3. BroccoliHut: Yay. Hope I hear 'em!

    Sagan: No doubt about it :) I'm psyched.


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