Tuesday, June 1, 2010

cute & quirky

Good morning friends! You are so awesome, I hope you know that :). And I also hope that you had a phenomenal Memorial Day weekend. Today is my first official day at Quirky, and I am so, psyched! Relaxing without a care for two weeks post-graduation was nice, for a little while, but I like to live out each day with a purpose so I'm glad to return to the life of a busybody.
Anyway, since I've already recapped you on the bday excitement, I thought I'd share the rest of the long holiday weekend. Friday, I babysat this adorable little thing for most of the day. His name is Brendan. My sister and I had a photoshoot with him, although I think he was less enthused with it than we were ;).
Friday night, I met Cleo. She is an English Springer Spaniel and Black Lab mix. She is one of ten from an accidental litter of a friend's friend's dog. I am in love. She spent the entire weekend with us and cuddled in bed with me most nights and I simply do not want to give her away as was our plan.
Fast forward to Monday and my patriotic breakfast. I slept in, finally felt great, and then enjoyed this glorious bowl of oats, strawberries, blueberries and a dollop of yogurt. I'm trying to incorporate more yogurt into my life for two reasons: (1) I think it'll help with my protein cravings over the past few months, and (2) I'd like to prepare my tummy for summertime ice cream and frozen yogurt :) seriously.
Mid-afternoon, I headed over to a family friend's house for a Memorial Day BBQ. I had an appetizer of guacamole and blue corn chips while sipping a fantastically light Cab Sauv and watching Cleo play with their dog. Apparently I'm a great multi-tasker?

Ha. I took this video on Saturday but I wanted to give you a taste of how she "plays." Too cute, and just one reason why I am so enamored with her. 
Before long, a very Italian-American dinner was served. I filled my plate with roasted red peppers, salad, Italian bread, tomato balsamic salad, and steak. Yes, steak. I don't know why I wanted it, but I did. So I ate it. And I'm not gonna lie, I'm not sure how I feel about that one yet.

So, back to Cleo, Our plan was to give her to my cousins (their first dog) but my uncle isn't "ready" yet so I think we're going to give her to a neighbor… unless, I can convince my dad to let me keep her for the next three months and take her with me when I move out and get a real job and become a real real person. Now I've got to get back to work (Quirk?), hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. Cleo looks adorable! Hope your first day goes well. :)

  2. My first dog was a spaniel so I can definitely see that energy when Cleo whips her toy around in that video. I now have a lab so I love that she is a mix of both of those! Also, is Cleo short for cleopatra? That was my best friends dogs name...love it!

    Sounds like you are probably having a pretty exciting day in the real work world lady! Hope you can keep the puppy...

  3. LittleBookworm: Thank you, it was great!

    afreshdille: Ah best combo ever :) and yes! I hoped so too, but we gave it away tonight :(.

    http://abebedorespgondufo.blogs.sapo.pt/: Spam?

  4. Brendan is adorable! I am always volunteering to dog-sit:)

  5. Love this post! I'm so excited for you and your quirkiness ;o) Can't wait to read more about it! I was perusing the site tonight and loved it!

    P.S. I apologize to inanimate objects I bump into, too. That cracked me up on your bio page!!!

  6. BroccoliHut: ... you mean Cleo? I think so too :)

    Jenn (eating bender): Thank you, darling! P.S. Haha, oops!

  7. whataboutsummer: I completely agree, my dear!


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