Tuesday, June 15, 2010

playground samples

Hi, strangers! I've told you before what first led me to study journalism, (the art of translation, )but I haven't yet explained what kept me there: principles. J-school, especially one like Newhouse, is very passionate about writing for others the right way. There are a few rules that stand out to me particularly, including (1) The whole truth and nothing but the truth, (2) the public as a priority, (3) a balanced point of view, (4) maintaining diversity of minds, and (5) reliable independence. The fifth speaks to an avoidance of "conflict of interest" which can often corrupt the other moralities and ethics that journalism calls for. A few months ago, I was turned down at a chance to review the Lost Girls book and rightfully so. I have worked closely with them in the past, and as such would have been biased by default. This weekend, I lived out the weekend in the Hamptons yet thought I would not be able to completely share it with you since I was not only representing myself. Thankfully, I had misinterpreted my purpose. Let's go...
(So glad I got to send my little brother off to his senior prom before I left!)
'Twas a weekend of relaxing,
art gallery hopping,
ice cream-ing,

farmers market shopping,
wine tasting,
and family timing.
I wish I could provide dialogue for the fabulous weekend I had, but alas, I cannot. To be honest, I truly have not had a moment to unwind since I left late Friday night, and have yet another busy day at work ahead of me. On an exciting note, I came home last night to a package for the "press", a sampling of two loose leaf green teas that I absolutely cannot wait to try out. I will most definitely let you know how much I love them :) thanks again BourgeaTEA! Have a wonderful Tuesday, lovelies. 


  1. Looks like a fabulous weekend! And good for you for sticking to your journalism morals - another thing that makes not only you, but also your writing authentic. Keep on it. :)

  2. Hello! I am a new reader, so please forgive me if I've looked over this. I was just wondering if that house you stayed at in the Hamptons was a rental you found online perhaps? I've been searching for a nice place on or near the beach that a few girlfriends and I can visit and relax for a weekend at some point this summer. Great blog from what I can tell so far though; I'm enjoying what I've been reading!

  3. crunchygranolagal: Have I told you that you're the most encouraging person ever? Because you are.

    Kim: Welcome! I stayed in my aunt's house which she vacations at and/or rents out to people during the summer. It is located in Hampton Bays which is significantly cheaper than the more eastern areas (difference between $60,000 and $20,000 a month, cheaper, but not cheap) but thereby farther from the nicer parts of the Hamptons. I'd suggest a beach in New Jersey, Rhode Island, or Connecticut for a more reasonable price.

  4. Looks like an amazing weekend from the photos! :)

  5. beautiful photos... delicious looking food... great recap! :)

  6. Sounds like a perfect weekend! I like the idea of turning "bagel" into a verb:)

  7. Little Bookworm: Thanks, it was!

    spabettie.com: Oh and wonderful compliments :) thank you!

    BroccoliHutL Just about! Haha, me too.

  8. Lady, you fit quite a few fun things in that weekend of yours...looks like so much fun! I want a beet salad now...well maybe not at 3:30 am but tomorrow...ha.

    Oh yes, those journalism morals...smart choice though about the book!

  9. claire: Haha, the beet salad was divine! I want one (again) too.

  10. My friend Doug manages a kennel in the Hamptons. He says there are a lot of pitbulls out there, which surprised me. Based on the Nelson DeMille novels, I would have expected more of the expensive toy breeds, but I guess guard dogs serve their purpose too. Looks like a nice place!

  11. Southampton! I miss it so much... looks like you enjoyed it! It really is the perfect place to spend summer.

  12. barncathollow: Well the dogs certainly have some beautiful things to keep safe :) it was!

    Katie: Loved it!


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