Monday, June 7, 2010

multiple vynes

Hello, my darlings. I hope your week started off nicely! I was tired today, and with good reason... I was up and at 'em at 5:45 a.m. for my first circuit training class. The class is run by our local recreation center (a.k.a. affordable), led by an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, limited to 15 participants (there were nine today, including my mom and I), and will continue to run early Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings for the next four weeks. Gotta get my body ready for the beach, ya know? ;) But really, I do. Eating healthfully has become such a habit of mine that it hardly takes any effort or thought anymore, exercise on the other hand, now that's another story. The fast-paced nature of this class and it's short-term time commitment will keep me focused and motivated and, yes, hopefully reap many of the visually-appealing physical benefits too. Is that so vain?
Either way, and quite contrarily to my busy morning, the rest of my day passed rather slowly and uneventfully. I spent most of it daydreaming about my future social plans and those sweet ones of the past. Last week, after work, I met up with Leslie and Amy at the new, hip, and chic Vyne Wine Bar. It seemed rather out of place in Greenwich Village so I was all the more excited to try it. One might assume that a place such as this, with as incredible a wine selection as they have, would have wine flights, no? Well, they did not.
Fortunately, all it took were a few looks of disappointments and a defeated, "oh," for the sommelier to make an exception. Within minutes, the girls and I were met with a refreshing tasting of whites and reds which paired oh so wonderfully with our non-stop evolving conversation. One topic, which I'd like to share with you all, is the many "healthy living blogging" misconceptions: We are only passionate about food, we always eat on our "best behavior," and we are all the absolute best of friends. Each one could not be farther from the truth. Regarding the first, I would call myself a foodie, but if we're going to label my identity by passions you might as well slap these on too: yogi, artist, magazine reader, writer, globetrotter, photography nerd, language fascinator,  and wino, among others.
As for the second, I know that for most of us, our eating behaviors have not always been the healthiest. Food is a sensitive subject for too many reasons and adding countless social pressures to the mix makes it all the more "dangerous." As a result, many women must unfortunately struggle with this combination for the majority of their lives. And although I can often count on my foodie tendencies to remedy it, (like with the balanced and simple dinner meal above,) I am not immune, whether I choose to blog about it or not.
In addressing the last issue, I'm afraid I have to be brutally honest with you: "healthy living bloggers" are real human beings and as such, just because we might be able to get along with everyone, doesn't mean that we have the desire drive to truly befriend them. We all have so many different interests, food preferences, and relationships with our bodies that it would be impossible to think otherwise. Oh, we're also not always happy, although I do really smile a lot :). Nevertheless, I will not hesitate to exclaim my absolute adoration of the real life bloggies that I have become close with. Drinking wine and swapping stories with Leslie and Amy, I couldn't help but think how fortunate I am to have my own version of e-harmony friendships. And I have the blog to thank for that.

Fellow bloggers: What do you think about the myths above? And do you agree with my responses? Blog readers: Have you ever fallen victim to this one-angled view of "Healthy Living Blogs"? How has your opinion evolved?

Disclaimer: I don't mean to offend anyone or anything, I just wish to evoke a critical and respectful discussion of our community.


  1. I completely understand what you're saying in this post. We bloggers can't please everyone--there will always be someone accusing me of promoting eating disorders, but there will also always be someone cheering me on:)

  2. BroccoliHut: Go Caroline! Go Caroline! You're so right ;)

  3. first of all, yay for your new class! i love that your mom went with you. and i know i say all the time that vanity is a fact of life, and
    as long as it isn't the sole motivator, who cares?

    so i feel lucky to have made a couple wonderful friendships through blogging, and it's especially nice considering my two closest friends moved away last year. but it is obviously unrealistic that we bloggers will all get along. i actually feel like the odd person out a lot of the time, and i've realized i don't care - blogging has helped me find my own voice, not try to fit in with the "in-crowd," you know? i had high school for that. as far as the other two myths - well, you know i'm with you 1000%. :)

  4. I've walked by Vyne so many times...disappointing to know there's no flights!! I might try your trick if I'm ever there though :)

    I think all bloggers definitely can see the validity in your points, but I'm especially on board with #2. Sure, I eat healthy most of the time, but sometimes I treat myself, and sometimes I quasi-deprive myself (there, I admit it). My diet is a work in progress, and even if I don't go into all the ups and downs of it on the blog, I hope my readers realize that!!

  5. leslie: You're right, I don't (?) care at all ;) You're the best!

    Gabriela: Let me know what if you do! I hope so too, thanks for being so honest.

  6. Great points, Danielle. I agree wholeheartedly, especially with your point about not all bloggers being BFFs. I remember going to the Healthy Living Summit last year and meeting some bloggers who I thought I would get along with in person but ended up just not connecting with them. Luckily I also met a bunch whose real-life personas were just as wonderful (or better!) than their online personas.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful wine date. I was in the city a couple weeks ago and had some wine with Leslie too- would have loved to see you as well! Next time!

  7. Anna: Thank you for your input! And email me next time! I'm glad to hear you had a great few days though :)

  8. Vyne Wine Bar sounds amazing!!

  9. Ooh it looks like such a fun night! I really want to try Vyne... especially since I know they can be talked into making flights :-)

    And Amen to the above, sister... especially about meeting "e-harmony" friends! I've met such amazing women through blogging (yourself included). We have to get together soon!

  10. Katie: You should go! Definitely, my friend, we shall make plans soon.


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