Wednesday, June 9, 2010

lost and found

Hola sweetpeas, I hope you are well! Thank you so much for your wonderful responses to my last post, I really appreciate the input. If you haven't noticed already, this week has been crazy for me, (case in point: I haven't blogged since Monday,) but mostly in a good way.
Most days I don't get home until 7:30 p.m., at which point I promptly scarf down dinner. Thankfully, there are some perks to living at home… my momma makes sure most if it is already set on the table for me. Monday night though, she served pasta again (my little sister is a fiend). I opted out, and instead whipped up a quick pot of Vegetable Chile (aka I warmed up that of Amy's) to enjoy alongside a green salad and well-deserved glass of wine. Afterwards, I worked on an editorial review for Go Backpacking: the Art of Solo Travel. Talk about an invigorating read! You should buy this e-book today, I'm just sayin'.
Waking up early (and eating half of an unpictured AB banana) to go to my circuit training classes has been a challenge but I'm really enjoying it. The class is run differently each time in order to constantly work the muscle groups and body in different ways. It's also small and fast-paced so I never get bored and nearly reap all the benefits of a personal trainer from all of the personal attention. In four words: I basically love it. Not to mention that the four-week timeline is enough to keep me coming back for more, no matter how much my ass is kicked :). I earn my berrified oaty breakfast like none other.
On the mornings that I don't go (Tuesdays, and Thursdays), I've continued to wake up around the same time (albeit a half an hour later, but still early) and continue with my yoga/pilates practice. I've probably mentioned it before, but just in case you're interested, I alternate between three DVDs for my routine: Yoga Burn with Rodney Yee, Yoga is Yummy with Miss Polly, and Exhale: Core Fusion - Pilates Plus fearing a fantastic bonus of Core Fusion Body Sculpt for thighs. 
As a result of my newfound exercise routine (yippee!) my hunger has been off the wall. Packing lunch has become quite the ordeal with a left-over inspired wrap or sandwich, crudité sides, a granola/raw bar, fruit, and usually a small yogurt (which I can conveniently store at the fridge in my office). To add on to the never-ending meal, things have been really busy in at Quirky but I'm learning more than ever and truly falling in love with the brand and what it represents. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's a truly empowering environment.
And if working out, reading, and interning aren't enough of a stimulating combination, special events sweep in and inspire me more than I ever thought possible. Last night, I had the pleasure of attending a casual ED2010 question and answer happy hour with the Lost Girls. If you don't know who these three amazing women are already… you should: they are accomplished and talented professionals who quit there jobs to spend one year traveling around the world while keeping a blog to follow it all. I've met them all before since I contribute to their site as the Food Editor but this opportunity nonetheless a treat.
Chrissie, a best friend who is not pursuing a life in the publishing world, came with me and we both listened intently and intriguingly as Amanda, Holly, and Jen led us through the background of their journey and share with us their tips on how to navigate ours. Basically, they encouraged us all to follow our dreams; easier said than done, but not at all impossible. In addition to my career aspirations, I too would love to spend the rest of my life touring the globe with all of it's spectacular wonders and people.
I doubt that this will come as a surprise since I studied abroad for an entire year (the blog's title used to be Around the World in 340 Days, remember?) but I was personally blown away by how strongly the travel desires swept over me as I chatted with the Lost Girls following the organized event and purchased their new book. My cross country road trip plans for the summer were put on hold when I landed these summer jobs/internships but perhaps a solo ride through September and October? Maybe even a quick route across my favorite world wonders?
When I arrived home I pondered my thoughts with a late night fibrous yet refreshing snack and began to read. The opening quote to the Lost Girls book is, "The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning." Fascinating. I have multiple niches--food, travel, and health--but in the past year and a half, while all the while incredible, I've only been able to truly tap into two of them. So, then, I guess my point is that: If not now… when?

P.S. The word travel can be traced back to the French word, travail, meaning work. How far we've come since then.


  1. what an interesting post. thanks for the review!

  2. I am also craving some serious travel time since my friends are all about it these days and I feel like I have been missing it so. It sounds like a wonderful night listening the The Lost Girls lady. where will you be heading in the fall if you go on a solo trip?

  3. hmmm i am pretty sure i remember saying "that photo better not end up on fbook or your blog" this is why I have a photo embargo policy.

    the blog post is nice (with the exception of the photo) i am officially a fan of lost girls

  4. Totally inspired by your (and Leslie's) knack for travel- what a neat opportunity to hang - and write for- with these "lost" girls! Looking forward to hearing more about your plans!

  5. elise: Why thank you :) and you're very welcome!

    claire: ...TBD!

    chris: I never told you I wouldn't, my dear, sorry :).

    crunchygranolagal: Thanks girl! Cant wait to see you tomorrow.

  6. So glad to hear that you're enjoying the Quirky environment!

  7. BroccoliHut: Thank you, dear! Me too!

  8. oh, what fun people to meet up with!

    and i totally agree, if not now then when? traveling is such an enlightening experience!

  9. Your internship sounds like such an interesting opportunity. I'd love to find something similar. Out of curiosity, how did you wind up with that position?

  10. "If not now...when?" Good question, and one that I have been asking myself a lot lately. (The answer invariably being "AFTER the bar exam!")

  11. i know you never said that but i asked you, i don't like my photo taken

  12. Trying To Heal: Yes, and yes!

    Faith @ lovelyascharged: Thank you, my dear! I'll send you an email to answer your question.

    Hil: A lot of fun things for after the bar exam... you deserve it!

    chris: Well, a photo op came up because we had a blonde woman sitting with us. The world works in mysterious ways... ;)


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