Wednesday, June 16, 2010

tick tock, tick tock

Good morning sunshines! It's that time again. Those few days in which my hunger reaches new heights, my cravings take control, and my moods are unpredictable. Zippity-do-da, right on time... ugh. Anyway :) as a result, I haven't been that same green-loving goddess that I strive to be.
For instance, take Friday morning's breakfast. Oh yes, my dears, that is cinnamon toast, with real butter and sugar. Talk about a throwback! It was fantastic, but obviously not filling at all so I had greek yogurt and blueberries on the side.
Or how about we look at the spot Leslie and I chose for this week's wine tasting? Coincidence, I think not... 'twas more like fate ;). Upon being seated (al fresco, I might add) we were immediately served complimentary sangria tastings that were enjoyed to the melodies of the live jazz band playing behind us.
Soon after, since we were provided with free glasses of wine (un-photographed Syrah), we also decided to order the White Bean Spread appetizer. The spread itself was delicious and we scooped it up with the limited-time-only pita triangles and a few pieces from the bread basket.
Then, just as we promised to come back here for a full out dessert, (because it is, after all, a chocolate bar), I chimed in with a double chocolate square suggestion before the check. We ordered Martine's King Tut (dark chocolate filled with gianduja--hazelnut paste & chocolate) and Jacques Torres' Grand Cru (fine red wine complimented by dark chocolate). Both were absolutely incredible and ingeniously served on a small wooden cutting board alongside a warmed knife. For the record, Ayza is quite the find.
As I walked the ten blocks to Grand Central, following a sweet Monday ending, I couldn't help but feel happy, and lucky to have spent an evening with a good friend, good wine, and good chocolate. Life's small pleasures like these are as vital to a healthy life just as much as nutritious foods and ample exercise are, agreed?
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Not to mention travel, at least to me. Oh, my dears, although I have been living quite well, I have to admit that I'm restless with my stagnant and familiar location and ever so slightly overwhelmed with my ambitious summer responsibilities. Considering that I've already somewhat accomplished a Euro Trip, and part of a South American one, I have set my eyes once again on fulfilling that cross-country road trip dream... solo. As of now, the tentative departure date is September 6th and it will close with Homecoming weekend at my Alma mater (October 14th-17th). On the map above you will see most of the 25 stops I have chosen. A few include a stay with family members but most will be spent on the comfort of strangers' couches, unless one of you would like to host me ;).
Be still my heart. Perhaps I should be appreciate those few things that I can count on every month, even every year, because most opportunities only come once in a lifetime. Never again do will I have the independent freedom to travel across the United States and back. And on that same token, the probability that I will be able to walk into work with only a small salad in hand to find that the office had gotten bagels and I had forgotten a veggie burger in the freezer the week before, is slim to none. Behold, yesterday's lucky lunch ;).  Au revoir.


  1. If you want to come to Raleigh, I will be happy to host you :)

  2. Those chocolates sound amazing, as does your trip across the United States!

  3. Oh my god I have to go here!

    I'm in NYC too...I love your blog!

  4. Your trip sounds exciting!

    I can't quite see where your west coast stops are, but if you're in LA at any point, I'd love to get lunch. :-)

  5. What fun lady..I've never done a road trip across the U.S. but always want to! My boyf has done the drive from LA to Mi with stops in CO and places but he says he does it super quick and sleeps in his car..I want to do one where I can be more casual where I can see friends and new places for more time. Sounds exciting! I hear great things about Austin!

  6. Wow, kudos for taking on such a big solo trip across the USA! It's something I have yet to do, but I always recall that my Dad did it when he was younger (in a Corvette no less).

    You'll meet some really fun people Couchsurfing too.

    I can't resist.... be careful out there!

  7. Rachel: Ahh, thank you! Emailing... now :)

    Little Bookworm: Thanks, love!

    sunkissedwithlove: Let me know what you think! Thanks so much :)

    Hil: Oh my gosh, I am beyond excited :) I'll be driving through so I'll definitely let you know. Yay!

    afreshdille: Yes, mine will be somewhat in-between because I want to make it back in time for SU's homecoming weekend, but bc I'll be alone, I think that's okay. I've heard that Wal-Mart parking lots have 24-hour-security so that is definitely an option, ha, but mostly I'm couch-surfing. And I'll try my best to stop by Austin! I've heard great things as well.

  8. Dave: That is so awesome, and thank you. I will be careful and I will have fun :) promise!

  9. Ooh! That white bean spread looks thick and delicious, and I love the creativity you used to come up with that tasty looking bagel.

  10. we need to plan a return to ayza asap. apparently tuesday nights bring complimentary chocolate for ladies - i see this in our future.

    and as you know, i am so, so unbelievably psyched for your cross country adventure. can't wait to hear more as the planning comes together - i'm totally going to be living vicariously through it all!

  11. leslie: I like the way you think! And thanks for your support :).


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