Saturday, June 26, 2010

it's good for you

From the time we are young, we are told to do all kinds of things that are "good for us" - brush our teeth, take our vitamins, eat our vegetables, wear a seat belt, go to the doctor's - and as we grow up, it's not only our parents advising us, but our teachers, our friends, and the millions of salespeople/advertising trying to push unhealthy products. Most of the time though, it's all subjective. And so at this point, a lot of what is good for me is not based on any fact other than I've learned that it, or they, help me to feel my absolute best. 
For instance, after a long day in the office, a nutritious plate of vegetables and whole foods (yes, whole, it's a Sunshine burger) is just what I need to pep myself back up for a heart to heart with a friend, an editing session at Go Backpacking, a movie marathon, or a little indulgent blog reading.
Then again, other times it's not the food that matters but the company. My parents often cook dinner meals that aren't quite as green-centric as I'd like, and still, I partake in it's enjoyment. My mom makes a mean baked mac & cheese.
Another example? Exploring new museums. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I love 'em. Yesterday I went to the Brooklyn Museum a.k.a. took a stroll through the the various regions of the world and a walk back in time, and just because it may have all been an accident, does not mean that I did not fully enjoy it. Learning can be a beautiful thing.
But that's not even the best part. I didn't wander aimlessly alone, rather I had the lovely (and modelesque) Kailey by my side. It took us the entire four hours to catch each other up on our fabulous lives and eventually we did find the exhibit we were looking for: an incredible showcase of approximately 85 dressed mannequins and hats, shoes, sketches galore in American High Style. Each piece was amazing.
We also were able to tour one of the most female-empowering dinner party place settings that would be perfect for the biggest blogger meet-up of all time ;). Hell, yes.
Afterwards we went out for lunch, at which time I realized how vital discovering new eateries is to me. Snackface and I walked through Prospect Heights a while until we came upon RawStar, a small, quaint, and colorful café with a laid-back Caribbean vibe.
We ordered salads, mine of the sea variety, and two appetizers - falafals in a cashew sauce over greens and the chipotle spring rolls. I loved the raw balls of chickpea wonder, (Kailey could have done without,) while she tore apart yet nonetheless enjoyed the spicy insides of the rice papered creations, (they failed to impress me). Honesty is a very healthy thing, my friends.
Nevertheless, the raw food lunch was exactly what I needed. It was satisfying yet light and energizing in a way that only sun-powered veggies could be. 
But, you see, needs are not stagnant, and following one of the most prolonged and crowded subway experiences of our lives, a frozen yogurt duo was exactly what felt good to us. So what if it went against every raw philosophy there is? Sometimes rules, even raw ones, are meant to be broken. As such, you may not be able to photograph your cup of original and chocolate frozen yogurt with toasted almond slivers because you've savored it's refreshing qualities at an alarmingly fast rate, and in these rare occasions, a simple borrowed picture will do.
Or how 'bout this one? My body is a pretty darn demanding temple. Case in point: after I had the chance to meet and get to know the wonderfully generous Muffin, I wanted pizza. But not just any greasy slice, oh no, I wanted a spelt crusted quarter of a pie with a walnut-pesto spread and topped with spinach and feta. I sure hope two of my favorite Ohio girls enjoyed their gourmet dinners as much as I did mine.
Furthermore, there are cases, although rare, when a fratty college bar calls out to me. And I prefer to answer it with a visit, complete with dancing, drinks, and blogalicious babes.
Twelve hours later, on the morning after a night like that, nothing sounds better than a big bowl of oats pumped up with almond milk, cinnamon, flax seed, banana, mixed berries, a touch of plain yogurt, and almond butter.
Oh, and a hearty cup of black coffee. No matter how much of a tea girl I may be, sometimes a bit of hard-core caffeine is just what I need to get me up and at 'em, all while enjoying yet another beautiful summer day.
Alrighty then, I'm off to watch the US v. Ghana game at a bar with friends. And just for the record, I refuse to apologize for drinking a couple of brews at two in the afternoon... it's good for me, somehow, I promise ;). Peace out, cub scouts! 

P.S. Two questions: Did you know a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down? (I really want to see Mary Poppins on Broadway, just sayin'.) What unconventional things are good for you?


  1. Lovely post - sounds like you had a great day! :)

  2. Aww, it sounds like you had such an amazing day! I could spend all day in museums!

  3. Love this post!! I def agree that it's a balance of things that make a healthy lifestyle. Too much restriction and it begins to become unenjoyable. I absolutely enjoy drinks with friends, entire days in the sun at the beach, and days like today when I wake up with horrid cramps, I skip the workout and go back to sleep till the afternoon :)

  4. The museum looks beautiful! And WOW do I want some walnut-pesto pizza! I bet that was amazing. Looks like you had so much fun!

  5. What a wonderful day (and night) with wonderful ladies! I saw a very similar exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London... fashion is most definitely art!

  6. ah, what a fun day out with miss snackface!! i'm def jealous! i want to meet both of you girls!!!

  7. mmm your pictures are just getting more and more fantastic!!! The food and all your adventures are totally makin' me with I could be there to partake! :) Thank you for sharing it all with us!!

  8. Little Bookworm: Thanks, dear, we did.

    Faith @ LovelyAsCharged: Ditto! I'll join :).

    Rachel: Oh sounds delightful, and it's so true. Being able to be okay with that balance, the mental health part of it, is just as if not more important.

    Megan D: Thanks so much!

    Anna: Oh, of course it is! Everything was beyond beautiful.

    Trying To Heal: It was glorious! Think our meet-up can top it? ;)

    Michelle: Oh, thank you! The more the merrier.

  9. Such a fun day! I love your balanced attitude toward life. There is room for everything.

  10. dear danielle, you are proving to be even more wonderful each time we meet. i couldn't have expressed this sentiment you are describing better myself: i truly agree that we must discover what behaviors or choices are wisest for ourselves; no one can dictate this for us. and the brooklyn museum's exhibit with the lovely artistic renditions of women through the ages (in a somewhat inappropriate yet totally aesthetically pleasing - er, pleasuring? - way) only further proves this point. did all of these powerful, history-changing women always do what they were told was good, or right for them? most likely not. a good lesson for us all, displayed through art.

    on a lighter note, in regards to the food: rawstar looks amazing, i flippin' love viva and froyo is always necessary after vegan meals. yep. hopefully i'll see you again soon? :)

  11. What a fun weekend with lovely bloggie ladies too! It sounds pretty perfect...that pizza sounds amazing too, mmm! I definitely was drinking some wine while watching the US and Mexico games this weekend/mid packing. I just can't do the beer thing! upsetting though...both games...ugh!

  12. Meghan@traveleatlove: Thanks! I seem to agree :).

    crunchygranolagal: Ahh, and you are wonderful-er. Yep, I invited a word for you. See you very soon!

    claire: 'Twas both fun and ugh. More wine/beer please ;).

  13. danielle...oh how i wish i could have been there with you ladies! the pizza, the exhibit (i too am a museum FIEND - there is a good contemporary art museum in madison we can go to...), the food, the company and everything!

    plus, amen to everything you have said in this post. you have such a lovely view on life, and i love you for it!!!

  14. Holly: It would have been fantastic! Glad you agree, my dear. Love, love, love!

  15. great food, good places to visit, looks like you had quite a good time :) surely it is good for you. I like those salad and other food pictures.

  16. Health Votes: I like to think so :) thank you!


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