Thursday, July 1, 2010

morning glories

Hello, my darlings, Happy July! When did that happen?! There just a lot of exciting things on my end, the kinds of things for which I cannot speak of quite yet :)...  but let's just say I've got a little more pep in my step. The peak of positivity of which usually occurs in the morning. I always wake up energized, even after the late nights (I don't hit my "I'm so exhausted!" wall until two) and the crazy ones (I get what is known as "delayed hangovers"). As I've said many times before, I am quite the obnoxious morning girl. Yes, that one.
Breakfast of any season is usually tea and oatmeal. When I can, I take the time to make my new tea obsession (read the review here) but when it comes to the meal part, I've been using rolled oats and simply cooking them in the microwave with almond milk and cinnamon. I then add banana, ground flax, berries of some kind, a dollop of plain yogurt (to cool it all down), and a scoop of almond butter. It's quite delicious with fabulous holding power, if I do say myself :).
Throughout the other hour and a half of my AM, (what? I like to take my time) I'm getting prepped for my day which has lately included: the mascara and other makeup application (care to read more about my quirks?), a bit o' hair styling, outfit-choosing, bed-making, lunch-packing, and lastly, the habit that has been coming before all others, a quick Exhale Core Fusion workout. By the way, I'm attending a real live class at their Soho studio next week and I am beyond excited. I love the integration of cardio with yoga, pilates, and dance principles! My tummy's also beginning to get the hang of it ;) hellooo abs.
Earlier this week however, I enjoyed a real morning treat when I met Kailey in the city for breakfast at Café du Soleil. I've been to this French provencial bistro for lunch with my Aunt once before and yet I don't think I quite realized how special it is.We sat al fresco, amidst the cool breeze and bright sun, with the most flavorful cups of French-pressed coffee and flavorful brunch selections, which we, of course, split. The first was a melt-in-your-mouth Brioche French toast topped with powdered sugar, strawberry, and Vermont maple syrup.
As you may have assumed, at our first bites, the conversation stopped, the city went still, and we experienced what can only be categorized as foodgasms. Eventually though, we did get back to chatting :). I adore this girl, like really. She's just one of many fellow bloggers that has exceeded my unofficial pre-real-life-meeting expectations, including Leslie, Sofia, Liz, Gena, Katie, and others. Expanding this list is is just one of the many things I am looking forward to along Road Trip USA. Anyway, back to brekkie. We sat there, discussing life and love and life, and I exclaimed how I could honestly eat breakfast for every meal of the day, in this kind of environment, and be happy.
I mean, think about it: There's french toast, coffee, Belgian waffles, pancakes, tea, croissants, and even some real food! Our second plate was a gorgeously-whipped goat cheese and garlic spinach omelette with a large mixed green salad. Fueled with such delicacies, I would begin every day with a mind clear and calm, free of the stresses of the daily grind and the worries of the real world. One might also say that I would be plump too, but seeing as I am a morning exerciser at heart, I just don't think that would be the case; running, yoga-ing, kickboxing, walking, whatever you choose to do as the sun rises brings exercise enjoyment to a whole 'nother level. Not to mention the beauty of endorphins with an early start.
But alas, stepping down from my fantasial cloud, I've realized that would just be impossible. For as much as I enjoy a good mimosa or a spicy Bloody Mary, I simply could not survive without wine and chocolate and wine. They're the only consistently wonderful part of the end of my days. The other night, I met a friend of mine a local bar to savor a few glasses alongside each other's company. So, fine then, maybe I won't instill a new breakfast all day every day rule. Oh yeah, I have the power do those kinds of things ;). Although that still doesn't make thinking about it any less appealing because, well, let's take tomorrow for instance- Tomorrow, I am driving to Boston to reunite with some of my favoritest AXOs and celebrate America's Independence Day in Beantown. What could possibly top that? Hm, I guess I will just have to wait and see :) wishing you a ridiculously fun and safe holiday weekend! Au revoir, sleeping beauties.


  1. Testing one, two, testing one, two... I think I fixed the comments! :)

  2. I can relate with being an early riser. Even if I go to bed super late I still wake up early. Sometimes it's good, other times I wish I could I sleep in and get the rest I need!

    Anyhow, I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July weekend. And, I can't wait for you to reveal your exciting news!!

  3. The core fusion workout sounds awesome. And tea + oatmeal are two of my favorite things! That french toast looks soo wonderful... can you believe I've never hda "real" french toast like at a restaurant? Must fix that asap!!

  4. I still haven't been to a real CF class, but I have one of the DVDs. It's pretty good but I've heard the classes are way better. Can't wait to hear about your exciting news :)

  5. Haha, I too eat oatmeal and drink tea, no matter how hot it gets!
    Beautiful sunlit photos in this post.

  6. You have no idea how jealous I am of your entire breakfast/lunch regime and the fact that you got to meet Kailey! Blog meetups are always a blast :)

  7. I just love how you write. You painted the perfect picture of morning (and breakfast!) beauty. You make me want to go out and run around the city right now, and then come home to a breakfast table filled with every kind of breakfast food one could think of. Too bad I already ate haha. You also just really made me want to go out for a glass of wine, and I hardly even DRINK wine. That writing voice of yours is quite persuasive. :)

  8. Oooh wish I had known you are coming to Boston! Would love to meet you next time!

  9. Your blog is lovely :) I go back and forth between being a morning person and being completely incapable of getting out of bed and actually STAYING awake, but if I could be one all the time I'd totally embrace it!
    -Kati @ beautyandafeast

  10. Brittany: Agreed. Hope you had a great one as well! And, yeah, me neither :)

    Megan D: They really are, I highly recommend the DVDs. It's a super quick workout. You MUST fix that, you're missing out, my dear!

    Maggie: I can't wait for either!

    BroccoliHut: I know, right? Thanks, girlie!

    Faith @ LovelyAsCharged: Aw... come hang out next time :).

    Kristie: Aw, thank you, sweetheart. Sometimes I get a little carried away with my "prose" but I'm glad you enjoyed it ;) my fantasy worlds can be pretty enticing!

    Meghan@travelwinedine: Oh no! Definitely, definitely next time.

    beautyandafeast: Thanks, dear. It's a blessing and a curse... but I like to focus on the positives :).


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