Wednesday, June 2, 2010


A school of thought, a brand that approaches personal care from a skin care point of view, while celebrating the human spirit, a set of beliefs or aims, my younger brother's future major, guiding or underlying principles, etc.
I mentioned earlier that my brother went to Arizona this past weekend for his ASU orientation. He did, and although he recounted to me that it was rather boring, my grandma told me otherwise. She demonstrated his excitement on the plane ride there and how fascinated he was with his soon-to-be professors and vice-versa at the orientation luncheon. Thinking about his mindset and about how his next four years are going to be even more amazing than he could even begin to realize, filled my eyes with tears. I'm so proud of him for finding a subject he's passionate about (philosophy), I'm thrilled for him to begin his unforgettable college experience, and I'm ridiculously jealous that mine's already over.
Last night I went to my friend's house to watch a movie. She's too is going back to school (University of Maryland) in the fall, but for her senior year. The best one! And she is moving in in three days because he has an internship in Washington D.C. She was so giddy when he was talking about--describing the ride there, the checkpoints that show how close she is, and the arrival to campus, and ultimately her sorority house. She told me that she never wanted to get old (the horror!) would go to Neverland right now if she could, or, of course, pause time. She spent her past semester in Prague so it'll be the first time she's back since December. I couldn't be happier for her, and beneath the smile, I couldn't help but feel melancholy towards myself. Studying abroad and still having the ultimate (both in sequential order and awesomeness) year before me is but a distant memory.
Most of these pictures were taken on one random day in Central New York. I had driven out of Syracuse to drop a friend off and gotten lost on my way back, ending up alongside the remnants Erie Canal. So I parked, got out of the car, and walked alone with my thoughts. I cannot tell you how many senior citizens that I passed on their morning stroll :). Most were cheerful and friendly, but even the ones that weren't had a calm content across their faces. 
Nobody said that growing up is easy. It's filled with challenges, disappointments, missed opportunities, and surprise chances. One can go through life cautiously, afraid of the world around them. One can go through life carelessly, without a second thought for the moldable unknown before them. Or, one can go through life consciously, being as clever and daring as ever, perhaps not always ready, but most of the time willing for the daily adventure. A healthy dose of optimism doesn't hurt too much either.
My philosophy is simply the way I view things. I can't imagine that this summer will be any less than fantastic... and after that, well, I don't really want to know what comes next. I'll just cherish the past, do what is best for me in this present, and hope that it translates to an even better future.
So, what do you think of your mighty little philosopher over here, huh? To be honest, it wasn't anything impressive that inspired me; it was simply a skin care system, (by Philosophy, of course,) "on a clear day". These particular inspirational bottles describe the lack of perfection, the importance of re-focusing, self-confidence and total clarity, a combination of which lends itself to contentment, at least in my mind. That's where I'm going with this. 
I want to be content. And no matter how overwhelmed I may sometimes be by my own feelings, I am. I live my life completely, thoroughly to it's fullest, and as healthfully as the circumstances will allow. Ooh, ensalada and empowerment. Does your life have a philosophical motto? 
"Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing." -Helen Keller


  1. I can relate to a lot of what you say, Danielle. I see people just graduating high school and get that same tinge of jealousy--if only I could regain those days of no responsibilities and lots of joy. Nonetheless, I hope the future holds much for us both:)

  2. BroccoliHut: That it does, my friend. Thanks for the comment :).

  3. love this. (of course, i'm always philosophizing. :)) i think contentment, or fulfillment, is the ultimate goal. i agree that as long as i am living consciously, doing what is right for me given the situation i'm in, that is all i can ask for. i think it's ok to look ahead to the future in terms of goals and dreams, but most of the time, i just want to be present, in the here and now.

    i'm so impressed that your bro is going to be majoring in philosophy. smart family you've got there!


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