Thursday, June 17, 2010

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Bonjour sugarpies! I am so thrilled with everyone's enthusiasm for my road trip, and so I've decided to expand on the details :). FYI: I have hardly slept in the passed few days because my OCD-self has gotten the best of me and thus I am doing some major damage in planning at ungodly hours. Awesome.

From a monetary perspective, with gas and food this trip is not exactly going to be cheap, and that's why I'll be staying with friends, family members, and couch-surfing hosts. It's also why I'll be packing a medley of snack bars and a small cooler for raw snacks like nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Nonetheless, you know me, (yes, you do), and I will not want to miss out on the local cuisine or the best in restaurants. So, I need your help. Listed below the fabulous plates from one of my favorite fusion restaurants, Neo, are the twenty-six places that I will be staying in over a period of 42 days. If you're familiar with one of them and have an eatery suggestion, please let me know, and if you're more of an expert in an in-between stop, feel free to share too. I'm going to be eating more than one meal a day after all ;). Come one, come all, and "yelp" away. Thank ya much!
Philadelphia, PA
Washington, DC
Raleigh, NC
Athens/Atlanta, GA
Montgomery, AL
San Antonio, TX
Oklahoma City, OK
Salina, KS
Denver, CO
Santa Fe, NM
Phoenix, AZ
L.A./Santa Barbara, CA

San Francisco, CA
Portland, OR
Spokane, WA
Bozeman, MT
Sheridan, WY
Wounded Knee, SD
Luverne, MN
Madison, WI
Cincinnati, OH
Pittsburgh, PA
Erie, PA
Syracuse, NY
Oh! And one more thing :) if you happen to be available for lunch / coffee / dinner / drinks in one of those places sometime from the beginning of September into mid-October, please let me know! Take care and see you soon ;).


  1. I just recently stumbled across your blog and am in love :) I cannot wait to read about your travels. I am from Chicago IL, too bad we won't cross paths!

  2. Yay! I'm from Santa Barbara CA! This would be an awesome place to go out for your trip- there are a ton of wonderful places to visit out here- plus we're really close to a bunch of wineries and wine tasting (i know youre a fan!). Some off the top of my head: Natural Cafe, Carlitos, Spiritland bistro, cold springs tavern, shellfish company etc. etc. etc. Let me know when you're stopping through I'd love to meet up if we can- the only thing is I'm studying abroad from July 14th-Aug 24th. Oh and one more thing!!! If you're stopping through the 1st weekend in august the town celebrates a week-long festival called fiesta!

  3. I went to college at Wisconsin, just graduated and now moving to Chi for law school. Some good places I recommend:

    Marigolds-right by the Capital
    Lazy Janes- Willy Street Area
    Monty's Blue Plate Diner

    The Old Fashioned- by the capital, typical but AMAZING Wisconsin grub such as cheese curds
    Weary Traveler- Willy Street area
    Sun Room- State Street, great veggie options
    Med Cafe-State Street
    Harvest- by the Capital, very pricey but a good splurge option, local and lots of organic food that changes with the seasons.
    Great Dane-Capital Area
    Brocach-Capital Area, Irish food

    Long list, and so many other good places to go too! Just a bit obsessed with my college town...haha.

  4. Kat (My Fruity Life): Aw, thank you! I'll be in Chicago in August for the Healthy Living Summit. Email me and we can meet up then :)

    Maren: Oh my gosh, I'm in already in love with your home! Email me and we can chat more about when I'll be there (late September).

  5. Philadelphia: I've never been, but I've heard FANTASTIC things about Horizons! It's a vegan restaurant. There's also Phileoyogurt, for froyo, and if you're ready to brave a cheesesteak, you have to go to PAT'S!

  6. Ooh! You'll be in Raleigh AND Montgomery?? You'll have to tell me when you're passing through each, as I will be near one of those two cities for the rest of the summer.

  7. You're gonna have such a great time on this road trip!! Too bad you're not swinging through Vegas!

    As for restaurant recommendations, let's see...

    Washington, DC - I don't even know where to start! Will you be in DC proper or in Maryland or Virginia?

    Oklahoma City - Cattlemen's Steakhouse was fun (we went on our roadtrip in April) and we got recommendations for Nonna's in Bricktown (which is a fun area) but it was closed on Mondays :-( Be sure to go see the Oklahoma City bombing memorial!

    San Francisco - If you like chocolate, try to get to Ghiradelhi Square

    For Bozeman, MT, check out - I believe Kath and Matt spent some time there when getting there approval to open a Great Harvest and there were a bunch of cute places they went to

    Pittsburgh - The Husband's been to Primanti Brothers and thought it was fun and we've heard recommendations for it...

    Can't wait for when you're on your trip and blogging all about it!

    Oh, if you stop in Charlotte between Raleigh and Atlanta, I recommend Cabo Fish Taco as a fun, quick place to go.

  8. Anonymous: I would be too with all of those amazing suggestions! I'll definitely keep 'em in mind :) thank you!

    Gabriela: I'll promise you a trip to Horizons... and I'll think about the cheese steak ;) the thought kinda grosses me out.

    BroccoliHut: We shall be in touch, darling.

    Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers: Oh, I hope so! I know... there are still so many places I need to visit. Thanks so much for all of the amazing recommendations, they're very much appreciated!

  9. No Boston! What a shame!

    That being said, I've driven across the country before so if you want some travel tips, feel free to ask. I've done that whole route of yours except the west coast.

  10. Nomadic Matt: I'm going to Boston for the fourth, don't worry! I love that city :) thanks, I'll be in touch.

  11. ha no way? Maybe I'll run into while watching the fireworks. Boston is my hometown and i'll be back for the 4th.

    It's a small world afterall...

  12. YOU ARE STAYING WITH ME IN MADISON - NO IFS, ANDS OR BUTS ABOUT IT! i got the restaurants ALL covered :)

  13. Nomadic Matt: That it is :) enjoy!

    Holly: Emailing you NOW. You are the absolute best! Thank youuuu!

  14. I'll be in DC, let's get together!

  15. Anna: Oh, definitely! I'll be in touch :)

  16. I just came across your blog and absolutely love it. I just came to NYC for the summer and am definitely going to keep track of all your great finds!

    I'm orginially from Denver so have PLENTY of great places that you should definitely check out. Are you on yelp? If so, you should request to be my friend- Cassie G. and look at some of my reviews. Off the top of my head these are some of my favorites:

    Breakfast/Brunch: Snooze!
    Dinner: Sushi Den, Vesta Dipping Grill, Steubens, Rioja, Table 6

    If there's some sort of type of food you want specifically I can also recommend lots of other places! Let me know!

  17. Hi Danielle,
    I dont live in any of the cities that you are stopping in, but I do live in Illinois and it looks like you might be going through my state. If you are ever around central Illinois, just drop an email and I could give you many recommendations.
    While I dont live in Colorado, I do own a condo out there and there are some AMAZING breakfast places out there such as The Egg& I ... the best omelettes and pancakes ever!! I hope you enjoy your trip!!

  18. cookinandlookin: Thank you :) I need to join yelp! Thanks so much for the suggestions so far!

    learningtocookeatandenjoydeliciousfood: Oh, for sure. Mmmm breakfast :) thanks Lindsay!

  19. Ok, I'm stumbling on this way late, but in Athens, GA you should go to The Grit (GREAT veg. place!!!! Awesome tofu) or 5 Star Day Cafe. They have a Kool-aid of the day =) Have fun!

  20. Anonymous: ...I didn't go to either. But I am going back. Thanks for the tips!


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