Monday, June 21, 2010


Since I didn't get a chance to post yesterday... Happy (belated) Father's Day! I hope you enjoyed a wonderful one. Mine was mostly spent in the river town of Irvington. It was beautiful, even with the clouds and humidity.
My family and I had lunch at the new and soon-to-be ridiculously successful Day Boat Café right by the train station and on the Hudson. It was nice to take Papi (as we call him) out to eat for a change, he deserved it.
The seafood restaurant is decorated like a northeastern boat house, and both my grandfather and my dad loved it. Especially with fantastic Bloody Marys and an amazing selection of fresh rolls, cornbread, and sweet butter.
For my meal I ordered a Frisee salad with goat cheese and the scallops entrée. P.S. My sister took most of the mashed potatoes before this shot :).
Then, with a family of sweet tooths (myself and my dad excluded) we no doubt ordered dessert. The first, a mixed berry pie with cream, and the second, the Boathouse Ice Cream Sandwich. Following in my daddy's footsteps I also had an espresso.
I have my dad to thank for my quirky humor, facial features, peaceful introversion, constant curiosity, support of Mexico in the World Cup, determined nature, and humble pride. As for my love of ice cream, I owe all that, and more, to my maternal grandfather. I love them both, plus mi abuelo, for all of it. Happy Monday.


  1. Great photos! That looks like a really lovely time. I really like the pinks in the background on the sailboat picture.

    Scallops are soooo tasty.

  2. Sagan: Thank you! I didn't actually notice the pinks until you pointed them out but you're so right, I knew I liked that photo especially for a reason :).

  3. BroccoliHut: My bite was pretty divine :).


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