Monday, May 31, 2010


Thanks a million for the many congratulatory comments and birthday wishes! Yesterday was such a fabulous celebration.
It began quietly in Chappaqua at Le Jardin du Roian adorable French bistro and one of the few places in the area that serves breakfast on Saturday mornings. 
My dad was working, my sister was in Jamaica (yeah, Jamaica--her friend invited her on the family vacation), and my brother was in Arizona (his ASU orientation). I felt like an only child again ;).
Although my mom and I loved the outdoor seating, it looked like it was going to rain, so we dined inside. The interior was adorable, it was rustic yet sophisticated with the most wonderful French accents.
Not to mention that it was incredibly authentic: behind me, the vintage wine shelves, before me, crusty bread and butter. Gosh, how I miss le France.
It was a coffee kind of morning and I was so pleased to find that they served a strong yet ridiculously flavorful roast. As for the actual meal, it was no less delicious. I had a buckwheat crêpe filled with scrambled eggs, goat cheese, and ratatouille (great movie) with a side salad while my mom had the lox omelette.
What followed our petit dejeuner was a ridiculously low-key day with a side of excitement. Besides running errands, reading, and playing with Cleo (that's for tomorrow, get excited), I also got an iPhone! I like it a little ;) a.k.a. it's awesome and such a generous gift. My birthDAY was nice and relaxing and then, well...
I went out and really celebrated :). I had fears that it was going to be cold, I was worried that it may rain, but the weather turned out to be perfect for the outfit that I had been envisioning for the past week.
Dinner was scheduled for eight at Spring Street Naturals. You're right too, it does look familiar. I love this place, always will. "Our philosophy from the beginning has been to serve whole natural foods that are minimally processed. Where ever possible we produce our items in house from fresh natural ingredients-- from organic whole wheat flour pie crusts to house made breads, fresh pasta, organic seitan and free range chicken sausages. We make the effort to ensure our produce and grains are certified organic wherever possible."
I was, ironically enough, the first one there, but before long, eight of my favorite people strolled right on it. We began with a bottle of champagne and a toast. Bubbly is best, especially as an apperitif.
Between drinking and sharing stories, and photos, and hilarious 30 second videos (long story) we also ate. Crazy, I know. As an appetizer, my friend Catherine and I shared the SEITAN SUMMER ROLLS chopped romaine, jicama, carrot, fresh mint, Thai peanut sauce.
And for my entrée, I caved and ordered the same exact thing I did my first time, ORGANIC RICE AND VEGETABLE DINNER organic brown rice with tahini sauce, organic seasonal vegetables, organic steamed tofu, black beans and arame seaweed. I only felt bad for about a second because (1) it's amazing and (2) out of all the spectacular choices on the Spring Street Naturals' menu, Leslie had it too.
I must also just mention that the restaurant has an incredible drink selection. Most of my friends ordered absolutely fantastic cocktails, and true to form, Leslie and I split a bottle of French Pinot Noir. It was a Bourgeuil, I believe. 
And what would a birthday be without a song and a candle, and the most mind-blowing flourless chocolate torte with cappucino gelato?
In addition to heaven, we also ordered the cinnamon apple brioche pudding and rhubarb pie. I had bites of everything and beyond enjoyed each one.
Afterwards, we did leave, eventually, but not before a surprise lemon drop.
I'm so thankful to have been surrounded by such amazing people. Between childhood, freshman year roommate placement, sorority life, and blogs, I have been so lucky. I have the best of friends.
Anyway :) the night certainly did not end there. We went from the Spring Lounge (/shark bar), to the Nolita House, and onwards. Just because I may not recall the names of each and every bar, does not mean that I didn't completely enjoy the live music at our very last stop.
You only turn twenty-two once, right?
That, of course, brings us to today, a day for which perhaps there are no words.
At least I ate.

(P.S. The alphabet soup pictured above is not my own, but my friend Laura insisted I "blog about it." So silly.)

Happy Birthday to me! It may have just about been the best one yet, and, it makes me look forward to my twenty-second year of life that much more. Away we go!

Sweet dreams, my darlings.


  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic birthday! :) That flourless chocolate torte definitely does look amazing!

  2. Happy Birthday! It all looks so tasty. And your outfit is so cute!!

  3. 22 is going to be amazing for you - you are beautiful, sweet and so fabulous. happy birthday, and i am SO GLAD you had such a good day :)

  4. Glad you had a fabulous birthday! I love the outfit you put together! You are stunning. :D

  5. Sounds like you had a great bday lady! I haven't had those rolls from Spring St. Natural...I must get them! You look adorable in your romper!

    Happy belated bday and memorial day!

  6. Happy birthday to a fellow Gemini! Your day(s) looked fabulous! I will always love spring natural - and that dessert looks killer! Good luck with your new internship- hope to see you soon!

  7. Little Bookworm: Thank you! It was :)

    Sagan: Thanks, my dear!!!

    Holly: Aw, thank you so very much :).

    Rachel: Thanks! Me too ;).

    Laura: Thank you, sweetheart, thank you!

    claire: Oh I did, I did! Thanks :).

    crunchygranolagal: Thank you, belated brithday girl! We will definitely see each other soon!

  8. 1) that photo of you alone is STUNNING. omg.
    2) here's to a whole year that is just as fabulous as saturday night.
    3) "a day for which perhaps there are no words." bahaha. agreed.
    4) happy bday, one more time.

    see you soon twin!

  9. leslie: Aw, thank you for everything twin!

  10. Happy Birthday! Spring Street Natural is a great place for a get together! :)

  11. happy belated birthday girl! looks like it was wonderful =)

  12. Happy belated birthday Danielle!! You look absolutely adorable in that outfit! You totally rocked it. :) Sounds like your birthday was filled with fabulous food and wonderful people. You definitely have some cute friends. hahah Ones who embrace your blogs!! It can be awkward dining with friends who don't understand why you need to take pics in public. *le sigh* Good thing you have yourself some great ones!!!

    P.s. I love pretending that i'm on only child on special occasions when it's just my parents and i, but of course, i adore my brother and would never wish to be an only child Ever!!

  13. You look so adorable in your bday 'fit!! I'm so happy to hear that you had such a lovely day... and seemingly celebrated in the perfect way!! The tofu dish, drinks and dessert all look delicous and so fun!! Glad you had a good time celebrating with the girls, happy belated bday! xoxoxo

  14. That bread! That omelet! Yum. Hope you had a fabulous Memorial Day today.

  15. Marina: Thank you! I completely agree :)

    Gina G: Thanks, lovely, it was.

    Michelle: Thank you, thank you! My friends are awesome… and I think they're also used to the blogaliciousness ;) P.S. I'm right there with you!

    jesslikesithot: Thanks so much Jess!

    BroccoliHut: You're telling me ;) same to you!

  16. ahh another gemini....nice. happy late bday

  17. Only the best zodiac sign, ever ;) thanks!


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