Saturday, June 13, 2009

tengo que viajar

¡Hola, chicas! I'm in Spanish-mode because I had to mentally prepare myself to speak with my Chilean host mom on Skype today... but she was a no show :(. Hopefully I'll be able to speak with her soon! To cheer myself up I made a visit to my wonderful grandparents. They just got back from a four-day trip to St. Maarten.
One of my aunts and her husband are currently living there (he works in the hospitality business.) For my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary my mom, her sister, and her brother all chipped in to send them to this tiny friendly island to see their eldest daughter. They told me they had the most spectacular time! It sounds like a fabulous place, and I must admit, I'm a wee bit jealous ;).
However, please excuse me as I back track so I can share my delicious lunch with you, my foodie friends. I used the Ezekiel bread for the first time! I had stuck the loaf in the freezer so I defrosted it with a quick microwave round, toasted two slices, and placed half an avocado in between for a tasty sandwich.
On the side I had a large salad with romaine lettuce (I'm not such a fan, I cannot wait to finish it), zucchini, red pepper, tomatoes, and spring onion. It was a delightful combo, I took a bite of the palta sandwich and one from the ensalada for the ultimate creamy, crunchy, fresh-tasting lunch. Now we return to the Caribbean! Where was I? Oh yes, jealous. My grandparents showed me the most beautiful pictures, I cannot believe that my aunt and uncle are living there! Lucky ducks :)And they're so generous too! In addition to the souvenirs that my grandparents picked up for each member of my family and the boy (so cute), my aunt and uncle insisted on sending a belated birthday gift para mi.
A set of sushi and coffee dishware for my "first apartment." Are they not both beautiful? and so very me?! I cannot wait to use them! I can wait to graduate, get older and have adult responsibilities though :).
I ended up having dinner at my grandparents house as well. My grandma made two lovely plates for her vegetarian eldest grandchild (they had chicken): brown rice, steamed vegetables, and a gorgeous salad with sprouts, soybeans, avocado, red onions, orange peppers galore. It might have even had more variety then I'm used to, my grandmother is one healthy lady, ha. Scrumptious! I had two servings :). Now I'm home again but getting ready to head out. I'm meeting a couple of friends for a few drinks, hehe, I like being legal. Hope you have fun on your Saturday night no matter what you're up to! Oh and by the way, as for my meet & greet opportunity with the chef, I've got my internship to thank for that one! It's in two weeks and I'll let you know complete details soon.¡Hasta mañana, bloggies!

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