Sunday, June 28, 2009

working woman

That's me :) I'm working the hours of a full-time job so as I've mentioned before I never have much time to cook .or much patience to do so when I'm feeling hangry... that means that 9 times out of 10 I need to be raw meal ready and stat.

Thursday evening my mom noticed that we had quite a few nearly overripe avocado, the ideal guacamole-making situation. Using her classic and incredible recipe (which I'll be sure to provide later if you're interested) she created another huge bowl of Mom's Guac and graciously left me half of it alongside a salad her and my dad had eaten earlier in the evening. By the time I got home from the train station my amazing dinner was already served... that's one perk of living with my parents :).

I was a nice happy-full when I finished this bowl that I've got to say was big, huge even, but I'm not sure that you could tell from either of these pictures. Also, there are two because I couldn't decided which looked better, with flash or without. What do you think? Anyway, onto more random things! If anyone of you have worked in the publishing field you know all too well that PR people are wonderfully generous.

This past week, for example, I tried the Spooky S'mores Z-bar. At first I really enjoyed the taste, it was like a yummy treat, but as I got further into it I could taste "fakeness." Although it is made with wholesome organic ingredients, there were much more than that in the Lärabar and Pure Bars that I've been snacking on. These bars are a better choice than making s'mores everyday but I wouldn't buy them myself. Nonetheless, I appreciated the sample because I had forgotten to pack an energy snack before our office workout at Equinox and the bar fueled me right through.

Speaking of exercising, check out these bad boys! I haven't been running very consistently lately but my new Acoustibuds were enough to get me out the door and on my way, jamming the entire time. I've found that the standard iPod earbuds were constantly falling out of my ears so while I was abroad I mostly stuck to running without music. I think my inner ear is oddly formed or something ;) even so, these little grips are comfortable, flexible, and keep me connected to my musical motivation. I highly recommend them.

And that's that. Kind of a random mix of updates in the my life. Above, you'll see my final use of Mom's Guac, once again over a salad, and this time eaten at my desk during my lunch break. I usually do leave the office to sit outside or take a walk at least once a day but the weather (muggy, cloudy, and rainy) has held me back from my fresh air enjoyment lately :(. On the bright side I just bought a new blender! Not that those two things are related at all, ha, but I thought I'd mention it. Happy Sunday everyone!

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