Saturday, June 20, 2009

te extraño

Good morning, how was your week, beautifuls? Well, worry not--whether it left much to be desired or was spectacular, things are bound to get better. It's the weekend, baby :). When thinking about how I wanted to spend my two days of freedom I've come up with the usual farmers market run, a movie, a museum exhibit, a wine bar... most of things I'd do alongside my best friend.

Unfortunately for me, that's a no-can-do; she's in el sur de España . She's spending the month of June taking part in a extensive study abroad program. I'm not happy at all about it... I'm jealous and I miss her ;). We've been through a lot together, including a 10-day tour of Spain four and a half years ago. It was amazing and I couldn't have been more excited. It was my first time in Europe!

I was a pretty well-dressed 16 year old, huh? We went with our Spanish teacher, a Madrileña, and fellow Spanish students to 9 different cities, beginning, very appropriately, in the city of Madrid. I was thrilled to be able to use the Spanish that I'd been practicing for six years. And, of course, all the exclusive tours, museum visits, and sights were wonderful.

We went seemingly everywhere, except Barcelona. But we all know that I made up for it :) what great memories of both trips.

For now, this is her reality. She's living in Grenada with a host family, taking classes in Spanish five days a week and making trips around the beautiful country during her weekends. One of which probably includes a 2-day visit to our friend, Santiago, who is currently living in Costa del Sol with his family. Our French friend, Marie, might even head over. I wish I could join them!

I hope that she's having an amazing time and soon, following her safe flight over the Atlantic, we'll be able to both reminisce about abroad experiences over baking. We make good globe-trotting companions :) we're planning our next trip in the U.S. for this summer and another one outside the country post-graduation. Can't wait. What are your favorite things to do with your best friend?

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