Wednesday, June 3, 2009

home alone

Well, not entirely. Both of my parents and sister are soaking up the sun on the Jersey shore (the location of her current dance competition) while my brother and I are home working, he's watching kids all day at a summer camp and I'm in a NYC office writing about models. My grandmother's been making sure that we're eating well and not wrecking the house in the process ;).
Oh and they took my puppy, Colby (pictured above) with them. My other one, Sable, is still home because she's far too wild to be trusted. Poor thing, she's probably really lonely today. I'm looking forward to getting home and taking her for a well-deserved walk.
Not to mention that I'm sure I'll be eating well tonight :). The grandma who's helping "take care of us" is that health-nut one I've told you all about. My brother isn't so keen on green things or nutritious things for that matter, so he's been eating some vegetable chili that my mom prepared before she left.I, on the otherhand, have completely been enjoying eating as well as she does. Last night we split a large salad complete with mixed lettuces, peppers, celery, radishes, sprouts, and lima beans alongside a generous serving of spiced brown rice. It was delicious... my brother has no idea what he's missing ;).Speaking of work... I've got to get back to it, or else by the time I make it home the sun will be setting! If you need a quick distraction, however, feel free to gawk at these adorable model pups. And while we're on the subject, do you consider yourself a cat or a dog person? I personally think dogs can be more fun, plus, I'm allergic to kitties :(.

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