Monday, June 8, 2009

a fresh start

Happy Monday! Diggin' the new look? The beginning of the week can be a downer after a nice weekend--back to work, school, and responsibilities, blah--but not this week, today was my first day of eating in the raw. It hasn't been complicated and I certainly haven't been hungry, which, we all know, is a wonderful thing. If nothing else, the psychological knowledge that I am nourishing myself with whole, living, foods has made me feel like a million bucks.
Oh boy, didn't I look wide awake this morning! I had a great night's sleep... so good that I wanted anything but to open my eyes and get up in the morning. It's for that very reason that I woke up a half an hour later than planned and ended up having to rush in order to catch the train. This is a very rare thing for me though, I can assure you of that much. Just ask the boy ;). Anyways, I suppose that my tardiness is neither here nor there, so I'll get to the point, I took breakfast to go. I brought an apple for the ride into the city, and a large fruit salad to be eaten 30 minutes later at my arrival to the office.
The fruit salad was a beautiful combination of blueberries, pineapple, and strawberries. All fresh, (we just cut up the whole pineapple yesterday,) all delicious, and all quite filling in their nutritious-goodness way. Simply fruit for breakfast actually is a great idea!
For lunch I packed a salad, fully loaded. If I create my salads any less complex, I get tempted to buy a $10+ salad in the city and that doesn't make for a very happy wallet. Today it included baby spinach, arugula, red pepper, onions and cucumbers, tossed in EVOO and lemon juice.

I brought an entire perfectly ripe avocado with me as well which I added to the mix at lunchtime (around 1 pm today) and ate it all with a handful of raw crackers. For a late afternoon snack I brought a camera-shy bag of baby carrots sans guacamole or almond butter... they were flying solo. Bad. idea.

I briefly considered eating my hand at one point before leaving my internship but alas did not. I also toyed with the idea of running across the street to Bonobo's for some juice or highly-recommended coconut "crack" in the words of Miss Gena but by the time I was on my way back to Grand Central I practically forgot that I had been starving. I guess my tummy gave up on me :(.
Needless to say I was more than ready for dinner as I walked through my door. In sweeped the magnificent Jennifer Cornbleet! I quickly threw together the Marinara Sauce from her Raw Food Made Easy cookbook and poured it over lightly steamed broccoli. Then I proceeded to eat the savory, scrumptious, and comforting bowl alongside cherry tomatoes (left over from the recipe.)

I ended the meal as each one should end, with three squares of 80% cacao organic dark chocolate (plus a handful of walnuts bc, well, I wanted them.) It is pictured above in a much better photo than I could've taken thanks Green & Black's. What a yummy day, wouldn't you agree? Can't wait for the next one. Now sweet dreams darings, I better be seeing you tomorrow!
P.S. A few pieces that I've been working on for internship 1 (Modelinia) and 2 (Fitness magazine) will be live, online, very, very soon. How exciting :) I will be sure to let you know when they are!

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