Wednesday, June 10, 2009

thoughts in the raw

Good evening darlings! I just got back from grocery shopping at Trader Joe's. I got the usual bounty on produce, I just can't get enough of it these days. I go through greens like none other :). Plus, I invested in quite a few other new and old favorites. Check out the loot!

I've been dying to try Pure Bars for what seems like forever after seeing them all over the blogosphere, and now that I'm home, I can :). I also bought the Ezekiel sprouted grain bread that I've been after. I'm looking forward to see the difference between this and the conventional whole grain breads that I'm accustomed to. As for everything else, I already know what it tastes like, (I still like my fish,) but I'm still excited to eat it, especially the almond butter. 

Through my own research I've discovered that peanuts just aren't as healthy as I thought they were :(. Hopefully I like the almond butter better this time around, but, if not, I'm just going to let it be, continue to have PB every once in a while, and not worry too much. I strive to eat foods that promote maintain optimum health, but I'm still human, and therefore not perfect. Either way I've heard that both go very well with bananas so this breakfast is safe ;).
Speaking of the new changes that I'm making to my diet as I learn more about veganism and raw foodism I'd like to explain a bit more... and address a comment I received on yesterday's post. Like I said before, I'm not perfect, far from it actually, but I have made a conscious effort to incorporate all that I learned about nutrition, fitness, health, well-being, and above all, general contentment and happiness from my year of studying, traveling, and living abroad.
I examined the specifics of the ritual of eating and food choices that I admired in this post and I still very much believe in those concepts, my gosh, I'm trying to shape my life around them! Nonetheless my cultured wisdom also has its setbacks... I've become the ultimate food snob.
I mean, let's be serious, I was eating ocean-fresh Chilean salmon multiple days a week in Santiago! I had the amazing opportunity to feast on Argentine steak in Buenos Aires, Locro de Papas in Ecuador, Belgian waffles in Bruges, Spanish tapas in Barcelona, Peach Creams in Hungary, Florentine pizza in Italy, Turkish chicken kebabs in Istanbul, and Crêpes au Chocolat in France. On the culinary front, being abroad spoiled me in the worst way possible.

I'm not bragging in any way and I'm not happy about my newfound pickyness but it's because of all these reasons that eating more raw is easy at this point in my life; fresh whole foods are inexpensive and quick to prepare; the summer air is warm and most produce is at it's peak... what doesn't sound delectable about a large salad or juicy watermelon? I've been feeling absolutely wonderful since eating this way and it's clear to me that my body is definitely pleased with my food choices.

I just can't seem to find appreciation for the vast majority of Americanized versions of the real, authentic thing. The only foods that haven't lost an ounce of their beautiful sparkle are fresh fruits and vegetables. As long as I continue to eat them organic and in season, they taste the same as they always have- so yummy, nutritious, and satisfying. I'm eating a plant-based diet now because, quite frankly, it's the only thing that I'm able to completely and thoroughly enjoy.

And yet, I understand that this lifestyle isn't for everyone, I'll admit that I'm hardly sure if it will always be for me. Even now, I can't imagine eating 100% raw... I wouldn't have been able to savor my spicy chili or garlic sautéed broccoli for dinner if I were. If I'm craving cooked dishes, whether from a foreign country or my very own kitchen, I will most certainly have them and make the most of my experience. Pleasure and quality should always come first at the table. 

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