Thursday, June 18, 2009

hello there, gorgeous

Since the time I was little, I've looked up to other people and aspired to be like them. I've spent my entire life trying reach their "divine level of perfection." In some ways, it's been great--it has given me an inner-drive and self-motivation that has brought me to achieve incredible things along the way (excelling in school and work, taking good care of myself, maintaining friendships, traveling, etc.)
And yet, I've spent too much time, money, and energy trying to alter myself in every which way. I was hardly ever happy with just myself when I made these accomplishments because at the end of the day, I still wasn't as perfect as I'd hoped I'd be. In trying to be the smartest, prettiest, and even nicest, I forgot about being me, a person I was already the best at being.How others saw me could never be as important as how I felt about myself. Along with Caitlin's Operation Beautiful, Angela's thoughts about our self-improvement obsession, and Heather's simple yet strong statement, "you are enough," I just want to say that you and I are perfect just the way we are. And wherever I leave this note today, I hope that the people who read it are able to realize that as well... to smile, feel great, look in the mirror and be completely content with themselves, inside and out. Have a fantastic Thursday beautifuls! :)

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