Saturday, June 6, 2009

from farm to table

What a week! I tell ya, having the equivalent of a full-time job is quite exhausting! I'm not complaining though, getting great experience and having fun while doing it has been one very lucky opportunity :). I managed to spring out of bed this morning, however, for my first trip to the Pleasantville Farmer's Market. I needed to do some produce shopping and, I'll admit, feast my eyes on nature's beauties. By the way, I haven't yet mentioned that I had the pleasure of meeting with the lovely Gena for lunch at Free Foods on Thursday. We discussed my raw transition and it's challenges, and oh my gosh, what a great time we had. She is fantastic, so sweet and encouraging. I found out more about food combining which actually, phew, isn't as tough or intimidating as I originally though it'd be. On the other hand, trying to focus on fresh fruits and vegetables even more? Haha, as if that would even be a problem ;). It sounds delicious.
Anyway, I was so excited to get out there today and there was a such a selection! Most items were in season except for these beautiful apples that had been kept in cold storage from the fall harvest.
There were a great deal of incredible-looking greens too which is perfect for all the new salad recipes that Gena gave me. She's the best. Plus, a few local farms had baked goods made fresh this morning! At the time I wished I had a special occasion to buy a fruit pie, a box of cookies, or some sweet bread but now that I think about it, ironically enough, I don't actually enjoy any of these items.
I'm ridiculously sensitive to sugar so if it's going to come to a treat... I'm a chocolate girl all the way. I'd take a square of rich and creamy 80% cacao dark chocolate over a cupcake any day! Maybe that's just me :).I did buy a loaf of spelt bread though, my next one's Ezekiel.Plus it was these fresh herbs that deserve the monetary splurge. There's nothing like adding a little mint, basil, parsley to add a whole 'nother world of flavor to any raw or cooked dish.To my surprise, there was even a stand selling pickled items. Do these places really exist? Apparently so! They sold roasted red peppers, sauerkraut, olives, pickles (obviously) and more.

I'd say I fared out berry well, my bag was absolutely filled to the brim!

Now it's time for me to unwind, devise my spectacular (mostly raw) menu for the days to come, get ready to Rock & Run on the River tomorrow, and catch up with good friends. Have a great weekend and if you get a chance, please find a Farmer's Market near you!

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