Thursday, August 23, 2012

miss you already

My sister is still in Spain (she gets back on Sunday), my brother left for Arizona (without saying goodbye, mind you), and my parents and I are not sure how to be just the three of us with only a handful of days remaining before I move out of their house and the entirety of the United States. Did you fight with your parents more frequently before going away to college? I did, and later discovered it's a common coping mechanism. I think I may be trying to avoid spending too much time with them in order to protect myself from the inevitable ways I'll be missing them soon. At least we were able to have an "only child" meal at my favorite local restaurant, The Cookery. It was as spectacular as I remembered it.
[FiDi potluck at Sofia's with special guest, Holly]
[Columbus Circle Whole Foods lunch with my college roomie]
[LES pizza, wine, and ice cream dinner date with Stephanie]
Spending as much time as possible with friends, however, has not been a problem. It's almost funny because God knows I already miss them so much, too.


  1. same! i bickered with poor mother dearest/ didn't spend as much as i should have (mind you, we were with each other constantly, but its never enough because she is the best) and now i am so regretting not planning more things while i was home! and i'm sure your parents know how much you love them :)

  2. @Mackenzie: Mackenzie: I sure hope so :) it's quite a frustrating way to cope!


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